Ash of Gods: The Way Prologue – Achievements Walkthrough

The achievements without ashes…

The Walkthrough


The game is relatively easy. It could be easier, but to unlock the achievements, it needs to be in Classic or Hard mode. The tutorials have a good didactics to start the player in the main mechanics and for new strategies like the introduction of the bandit’s deck. Unfortunately, there was no tutorial for some more specific achievements. The first two achievements from this guide are unmissable and the other three are specific to one qualification and challenges against Adjutants in the tournament.


After completing the tutorial phase, you go to the tournament and can get your first victory there.

First success

  • Win the first fight

After winning all the five Adjutants, you’ll go to the tavern. End the day talking with Eik.

When a new day begins, talk to Raylo and Kleta. And Eik will introduce the merchant.

Suicide squad

  • The team’s all here

The Punisher is a enemy unit from the second Mirina’s qualification. It has high health and some armor. The best way is to use your Crusher unit to break its armor and equip item cards with cumulative bonus like Veteran Ring and Herbalist’s Bag. But don’t get locked into that choice. If a unit doesn’t have piercing bonus, but its damage is higher than the enemy armor, it will hit the enemy’s health. Also you can equip Solider Mace item, which adds +2 piercing damage.

Punish the Punisher

  • Destroy the Punisher in Mirina’s qualification

Just to be clear, it’s not meant to be a unit type, it has to be with only one unit card. A Guardian is a good choice as well as an Archer while equipped with item cards with cumulative bonus like Veteran Ring and Herbalist’s Bag. It’s relatively easy as each army can’t cross the middle of the battlefield.

A solo player

  • Win the fight with Adjutant Mirina with only one character played.

For support, there are 10 spaces available, but against Adjutant Thork, your deck is doubled. If you already have 10 item cards, go to the deck editor and fill all support with cards of that type. Challenge the Adjutant and equip all of them during the fight.


  • Equip 20 items during one fight.
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