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Cultist Guide

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Eyes of Kosmos is the branch of the cult of Kosmos that deals with the information gathering part. Members of this subgroup value knowledge most and use all their influence to gather information that will benefit the cult. In these guides, we’ll walk you through how to find members of each branch.

However, we will not mention it here, as branch leaders are automatically unlocked after all members die.


  • Basic Level: Level 11

Elpenor is the first cultist in the Eyes of Kosmos branch. As you progress through the main story, you will meet Elpenor and be able to kill him.


  • Where to Find: Megaris
  • Basic Level: 13

Sotera is the second cultist in the Eyes of Kosmos branch and appears after The Serpent’s Lair quest. To find Sotera, head to the port of Nisaia on the Southeast side of Megaris by the water’s edge. You can find him at the dock.

The Master

  • Where to Find: Attica
  • Basic Level: 19

The Master is the third cultist in the Eyes of Kosmos branch and you have to complete certain missions to reveal it. Ignore the hint about the quarry as it will not appear in the quarry yet to reveal the Master. Instead, you have to complete four specific side quests. Take the Citizenship Test quest in Athens with Socrates and Alcibiades, located next to the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens. Follow this chain of quests with Free Speech and On a High Horse found by the Acropolis after Witness Him. During A Life’s Worth, you will reveal The Master’s identity as part of the quest and be able to kill him.


  • Where to Find: Attica, Temple of Hephaestus
  • Basic Level: 19

Hermippus is the fourth cultist in the Eyes of Kosmos branch and can be revealed in one of two ways. One is to kill Polemarch, a captain at Fort Phyle in northern Attica. But this can be a tough challenge.


  • Where to Find: Argolis
  • Basic Level: 18

Midas is the fifth cultist of this branch and one of the cultists identified by completing the main story. After completing the Serpent’s Lair quest, you can find Midas and can be found on the streets of Argos in the Argolis region, usually by the Temple of Poseidon or the House of the Leader.

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