Asterix & Obelix XXL – Enemy Types

Enemy Guide


The basic Roman unit, also the most common one – dies in 3 hits, can be easily grabbed and spawns in small squads of 3 to 5. It’s also the guy I’ve chosen as branding image for this guide.


Easily recognized thanks to their golden armor – on the tougher side in terms of hits needed, as they block most of your attacks with their shield. They always drop a golden helmet (worth 10 normal ones) and a gigot. They always attack with a multi-hit slash, so be very careful!


Usually standing on higher grounds – shoots a volley of arrows dealing a lot of damage if all of them land.

Norman Warrior

A tougher version of the Legionary – like the Centurion, they will block several attacks before receiving damage. This enemy can only be found in Normandy.

Norman Chief

The Norman version of the Centurion – they are more sensible to the charge thanks to their larger size. This enemy can only be found in Normandy.


A very tall unit, immune to the Charge cancelling – their windup is longer than usual, but they compensate it with a very long range. This enemy can only be found in Greece.


Deals no damage, but pushes you away with his giant Q-Tip – jump over his first attack before punching him.


A scarier version of the Centurion – harder to defeat than his classic counterpart and always spawns with lions, be aware of his attacks as they deal more damage than the other enemies. This enemy can only be found in Greece.


The go-to enemy for the Combo gauge feed – easy to defeat and fills your gauge incredibly fast.


Way stronger than the Legionary, but not as resistant as the Centurion – you’ll encounter two variants of him during your playthrough

  • The Greece variant: spawns in water areas – attacks with a spinning fork
  • The Egypt variant: more agressive, has a long range multi-hit fork attack, probably one of the most dangerous in Extreme mode


Leaps into the sky before landing on the player after a couple of seconds – easily avoided but deals unforgiving damage if the attack lands. This enemy can only be found in Helvetia.

Flying Roman

A pesky airborne unit that casually drops bombs on you – wait for them to approach the ground and defeat them with only two hits. Fortunately, their bombs can damage other Romans.


A stronger version of the Legionary, very similar to the Norman warrior in terms of approach – be careful of their multi-hit attacks.


Encountered once per stage – very similar to the Centurion, he’s always surrounded by his crew and has a dedicated achievement.

Shield Formations

Mobile walls of damage – wait for them to retract their spears to hit them. You can also be used as a trampoline in some situations. All 3 variants (Ring, Turtle and Pyramid) are fought in the same way.

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