Astral Chain – File 10: Defective Detector and Dangerous Dump Walkthrough

Defective Detector

To complete this mission, you need to interact with the detector by pressing A. As the meter charges up, you’ll be ambushed by a few groups of enemies, so use your Legion to take them out while you wait.

After this, Hal will tell you it’s still not fixed, but he’ll give you another waypoint to go towards. Follow it and it will lead you to an enclosed area with an Uneasy Man.

Dangerous Dump

Take him out, as well as the small wave of chimeras that appear. These enemies are fast and can burrow underground. Your Legion can help, though. Once they’re all dealt with, Hal will give you the ok and tell you it’s fixed.

When you head out, keep riding around until you get a short cutscene with Olive in it. You’ll see her run by, followed by a call from Hal. He’ll tell you to follow her and give you a new waypoint to get there.

If you’re having trouble getting her to spawn, try completing some of the side missions in the area.

After you meet up with her, tell her you’re ready to go. This will send you to a new area.

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