Astral Chain – File 10: Threading the Needle Walkthrough

Threading the Needle

Next, you’ll run into another stealth section. Remember, your IRIS is your friend and can be used to track the enemy’s field of view. Subdue them with your Legion to be safe.

You’ll come to a section that looks sort of like a bridge, with water on either side. However, a guard is constantly on the lookout. You need to shoot the large pipes next to him to distract him. After that, you can run to the end and then cross the gap on the left, up to the waypoint.

When you climb to the top of the ladder, stick to the right to avoid being seen. Take this guard out and move ahead.

Use the platforms here to get across without being detected. When you reach the waypoint, Olive will call and warn you not to go in the direction of the three guards. Instead, take the ladder nearby down to the lower level.

Take out the two guards here and go under the large door that lifts. For the next part, you’ll need to wait for the guards to move completely behind cover. Wrap them up with your chain at the same time.

Then hit the button nearby to drain the water and continue back to the large room from before.

Take out the guard overlooking the water and climb down below.

Now follow the waypoint to the next objective. You’ll have some chimeras to deal with but Olive will help. After you take them all out, keep moving towards the next waypoint. Here, you’ll have more enemies to deal with.

When they’re all dead, head to the large room where the next objective awaits. You’re looking to meet up with Brenda.

Chimera Attack

In here, a large chimera will start shooting lasers at you. You’ll need to use cover to maneuver around this area and to the waypoint. At the end of this section, you’ll have to open a door using your Arm. Open it and get ready for a boss fight.

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