Astral Chain – File 6: Smells Like Trouble Walkthrough

Smells Like Trouble

Give Beast the scent of the case and follow it to the destination.

It will lead you to an area around where you entered through the vent. Keep following Beast.

Beast will lead you to a broken ladder. Your goal is to find a way up. To do so, enter the structure ahead.

Use your Arrow to shoot down a ramp that will lead you up. If you’re having trouble finding it, use IRIS to spot the orange ramp.

When you drop the ramp down, a few enemies will appear, so deal with them and continue up the ramp.

You’ll eventually come to a door that must be moved with your Arm Legion, followed by a room with more enemies. Once you take them out, keep heading up the steps to the next area.

You’ll run into a chimera on the roof, so take it out. Afterwards, an Astral Plane gate will open which you need to cross to find Douglas.

When you arrive, continue across the platforms and activate your IRIS to track Douglas. He will be way off in the distance.

You’ll come across more enemies and a few more platforming segments on the way. Make sure you walk across the appearing platforms because running along with Beast can make it easy to fall off.

If you’ve got IRIS on, you’ll notice a large structure that must be moved. If you’re facing the structure, turn around and shoot the glowing orb to move it.

Once the structure moves, continue along the appearing platforms. You’ll reach what appears to be a dead end, but if you send your Legion ahead, you’ll be able to cross.

After this platforming section, you’ll run into a mini-boss known as Hestia.

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