Astral Chain – How to Acquire Salvage and What It Does

Throughout your journey through Astral Chain, you’ll likely spend a lot of time scouring each level for items and hidden secrets. One thing you can find scattered around the game is called Salvage and it will definitely come in handy while you play.

What is Salvage?

If you reference the image above, you’ll see a glowing blue item in the background. That’s what you want to look out for when you play. And you’ll have no trouble finding Salvage as it appears after taking out enemies or in boxes hidden throughout the world. You can also find it by breaking objects.

When you see the glowing blue item, pick it up to gain Salvage.

What Does Salvage Do?

In short, you can sell Salvage to earn you money. Some items won’t be worth much, but when you gather so much of it during your playthorugh, it can add up. And you’ll likely need lots of money to buy healing items and other power ups during the later sections of the game.

One thing to note is that you should keep Cat Food since you can use it to feed the various cats you collect while you play.

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