Astral Chain – How to Defeat Aello Boss

Aello Boss Guide

This fight is one of the more complex ones so far, simply due to the verticality. The enemies don’t deal a ton of damage, but they’re hard to hit.

You’ll need to be moderately good with the Arrow Legion to hit them. The nice thing is that you can alternate between your handgun and Arrow shots for long range attacks.

When a chimera comes down low, attack with your sword. Otherwise, stick to long range attacks and make good use of your Arrow Legion since it does a lot of damage.

Switching Legions on the fly will start to become a thing you’ll need to get better with and this is a great place to practice. After the first wave, a second set of chimera will spawn.

You’ll also encounter another enemy that can only be defeated if you cut its chain so switch to your Sword Legion to do so.

The rest of the enemies are the same as the previous wave, so keep attacking from afar and using those Arrows.

Once they’re all down, you’ll be prompted to return to the city.

When you get back, you’ll have the objective to meet with the others. Follow the waypoint to find the next area.

This will initiate a cutscene and you’ll have to answer questions based on the investigation.

The answers are as follows:

  • Answer 1: Woman in White
  • Answer 2: Ark Mall
  • Answer 3: Strange Tenticles
  • Answer 4: Ghostly Armor

After the questions, tell them you’re ready to go to start the next segment.

You’ll end up in a new area inside the Ark Mall. Your goal is to follow the yellow waypoint while keeping the enemies from taking you and your team out.

The next area will lead you to a more open section and you’ll come across Jena again.

After the cutscene with Jena, a new enemy will appear from the ceiling. They’re elongated chimera that attack you from their mouths so be careful.

They can be hard to hit at times, but if you use your Arrows you can take them out easier.

Your goal is still to catch Jena and you’ll need to follow the path on the right side of the map to find her.

As you continue onward, more chimera will spawn. You can attack them if you’d like or run past them. One thing to look out for is the goop on the ground. It will stop you in your tracks so use your Legion to zip across.

Eventually, you’ll reach an exit, but be careful: Behind the door will be more goop and chimera. Get your Arrows ready.

Upon exiting the room, a chimera will grab you. Use your Legion to escape its clutches and keep moving.

After you’re free, you’ll see another exit ahead on the back wall. Go to the left side to find it.

In the next room, more of the elongated chimera will spawn, only this time, they’ll grab your friends. Take them all out to free your squad members.

Remember, the Arrow Legion does wonders against those things.

After you’ve defeated them all and rescued everyone, turn on your IRIS and follow the yellow waypoint to the next objective.

This will lead you back into the area with the spiral stairs. Take them up to initiate a cutscene.

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