Astral Chain – How to Defeat Arm Nemesis Boss

Arm Nemesis Boss Guide

This next fight will pit you against the Arm Nemesis. Defeating it will unlock the Arm Legion.

Arm Nemesis fights similarly to the Aello boss in that it likes to attack from above. You can use the same tactic of switching between Arrows and sword attacks to defeat it.

But getting it pinned against a wall is definitely the way to go with this fight since it won’t have anywhere to move. It might be hard to pull this off, but try your best to lead it to a wall so you can deal lots of damage.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll get it pinned in a corner.

Otherwise keep attacking with your Arrow and try to wrap it with your chain if you can. It’s one of the more challenging fights simply due to the amount of health the boss has.

After you’ve defeated it, you’ll gain access to the Arm Legion, which will come in handy tremendously throughout the rest of the game.

When the cutscene is over, go over to Jin to talk with him. A short scene will play and then you’ll have to rescue Alicia with your Arm.

Follow the waypoint back inside and you’ll come across Alicia on the ground. Use ZL and A to lift the debris off her.

Now follow the waypoint to meet up with Akira. You’ll come to a large door that can be lifted using your new Arm, so do that the same way you did to save Alicia.

You can also wear the Arm Legion by pressing L. This will allow you to avoid the goop on the ground and give you the ability to deal massive damage.

Continue along the path and try to wear the Arm Legion as much as you can to avoid taking as much damage.

You’ll come across a chimera by a large sign on the ground that can be thrown using ZL and A.

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