Astral Chain – How to Defeat Arrow Nemesis Boss

Arrow Nemesis Boss Guide

The hard part about this fight isn’t necessarily battling the enemy itself, but instead, you’ll likely run into some challenge when trying to reach it.

Since it can attack you from afar, it will move around the arena and put up walls that you must slash in order to take down.

Keep in mind, you don’t always need to destroy a wall to get to the boss.

Depending on where the boss is, you may be able to cross the gaps without slashing the walls. In other words, don’t waste your time slashing walls you don’t need to.

Also, pay attention to your map. As soon as Arrow Nemesis moves, start moving, too. When you get to the boss, attack as much as you can and make sure to use your Power Charge.

After the boss is defeated, you’ll get another cutscene and an Arrow Legion.

To use it, holy Y and select the Arrow Legion. You’ll need to aim at the glowing orb in between you and Akira. Press L to do so and fire with LZ.

Cross the platforms and when you reach Akira, another cutscene will play. The pair will then head back to the city via a gate.

The final section simply requires you to follow Akira. You’ll find him behind the door through the corridor ahead.

This will end File 3. You’ll eventually make your way back to police HQ for debriefing.

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