Astral Chain – How to Defeat Beast Nemesis Boss

Beast Nemesis Boss Guide

The Beast Nemesis actually fights similarly to the last boss, in that it’s really fast, aggressive, and in your face. Only this time, you’ll have minions to take out in addition to the boss itself.

Although, contrary to the last boss, it is totally viable to get up close to Beast Nemesis to use melee attacks.

The nice thing is that finishing off the minions will give you a bit of health, so if you’re in a bind, you have an opportunity to heal up some.

A good strategy for this boss is one you’ve used before: Wrap it up and attack with your Arm. It might be hard to pull this off since the boss is so fast, but it’s a good tactic to aim for when you have the opportunity.

If you see the boss slow down at all, wrap it up with your chain.

It won’t stay stunned long, but a few combos from your Arm Legion will deal noticeable damage.

After a certain point, the boss will flee and you’ll have to attack it with your arrows. Be careful, though. It can still hit you from here. In fact, the boss will send bombs flying towards you. If you step in their radius, you’ll be stunned and take damage.

He will also jump around from platform to platform. A good strategy is to wait for him to finish shooting his bombs and attack in between animations.

Pay attention to the boss charging up its attacks. It will also shoot a giant ball of Red Matter at you, which can be destroyed with Arrows. You’ll have to be quick when taking them out because he shoots fast.

Eventually, the boss will come back down and you can go back to attacking it with melee weapons.

Be careful to not step on some of the mines scattered throughout the area from before. And again, look for an opportunity to wrap it up with your chain.

When you defeat the boss, you’ll be rewarded with the Beast Legion.

The Beast Legion has a few purposes, but you’ll mostly find use in simply riding it around. It will allow you to get around more quickly and is actually required for a couple platforming sections ahead.

Press L to ride the Beast and B to dodge.

Head up the steps towards the waypoint to continue and you’ll get a call from Alicia. Your new objective is to find a gate out of here.

You’ll come across a few short sections with breakable platforms that you must use the Beast to get past. Keep following the waypoint to a platform that will take you up.

When you reach your objective, you’ll come across another set of enemies. One will be smaller and flying in the air, while the bigger one will be headed your way.

You can’t damage the enemy on the ground until you destroy the other one in the air first, so whip out your Arrow to do so.

Once you destroy the other enemy, you’ll be able to attack the one on the ground like normal. Use whatever you can to destroy it.

After that, you’ll come across another breakable platform section. Use your Beast here again. At the end, you’ll come to another pressure plate section, so use your Legion to proceed.

After that, you’ll come to another section with a couple more enemies to fight. These will be winged chimeras, so use your bow to waste them.

Once they’re all defeated, you’ll get a notice from the drone you helped put back together before. Start making your way towards it, but be cautious of the platforming section ahead.

Only make a run for it when the moving structure is completely out of the way. Otherwise, the floor will collapse beneath you.

Odd Drone, Again

When you reach the drone, it will send you to find some parts again. It seems this drone can’t keep from breaking.

To find the first piece, head up the stairs to the left of the drone to a little mound you can dig up.

To find it, keep heading straight at the top of the stairs and you’ll see it just ahead.

You will acquire the Organic Battery, which you can use to have your Beast track the scent to the next item you need. Press ZL and A to dig.

Press A after you’re finished talking with the drone to give the Beast a scent.

Follow Beast to a nearby mound similar to the one you just went to. Here, you’ll find the next item, the Biosensor.

Now, get ready to head back to the drone to continue.

You’ll be stopped by another set of enemies. It will be another one of those chimeras that requires you to destroy the smaller one before dealing damage to the bigger enemy.

Only this time, instead of shooting it with Arrows, you’ll need to use the dig mechanic with your Legion to temporarily damage it. Press ZL and A to dig.

Once you take down the enemy by digging, you’ll be able to attack the main target like normal. You’ll have to do this a few times, though, so play it safe if you’re running low on healing items. Use your Beast to run away quickly and look for areas to dig.

After you’ve given the drone its parts, you can continue. The drone will now be referred to as Hal. Ride the elevator up with the drone and move onward. You’l’ have a waypoint you can reference that tells you to follow the biosignal.

You’ll then come to a set of Split Pillars that must be wrapped up with your chain to advance.

After that, you’ll encounter another tough platforming section with collapsible floors. Again, pay attention to the moving structures that will get in your way here.

Keep riding, making sure you don’t run into anything that will slow you down. There’s a section that requires you to make a hard left turn around a bend, so be prepared for that.

You’ll come to another platform that will take you up to the next floor.

Here, you’ll reach a wall that must be moved with the Arm Legion. Place it on the blue pressure plate to the left. Doing so will allow you to pass.

Keep following the path and you’ll come to a stop. A short cinematic will play and you’ll see another character you know from before, Jena. She will escape, yet again, so run after her through the gate.

An Old New Threat

Passing through the gate will take you back to the subway, where you’ll be tasked with taking out some enemies. You know what to do.

Once these enemies are defeated, you’ll get a call from Olive, prompting the end of the mission.

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