Astral Chain – How to Defeat Briareos Boss

Briareos Boss Guide

Compared to the first boss fight of the game, Briareos might be a handful.

The tactic that works the best here is a strategy that will be used for the duration of this walkthrough. You can use your Legion to tie a chain around the boss to temporarily stun it.

To do so, pull out the Legion with LZ and use the right stick to wrap it around the boss. If done correctly, the boss will stop and you’ll see a few chains coming out of it.

This is a tactic that will be used a lot throughout the game, so get used to using it. When the creature is stunned, run up and attack. Make sure your Legion is out so it can land some hits as well.

If you get stuck, remember to heal with X and let your Legion do most of the work. After the creature goes down, you’ll use the same tactic mentioned above to destroy a gate.

From the gate you just destroyed, follow the chimera trail towards a tunnel that has a fight you must break up. Again, use the tactic from above to tie them up to proceed.

After you break up the fight, keep following the path through a hall on the right side of the tunnel. Stop at the vending machine to grab some items if you so desire and keep going.

Head up the stairs opposite the vending machine and continue along the path. Don’t forget to grab the medicine from the box on the stairs.

Again, you’ll come to another gate that needs to be taken out. Do that and follow the trail outside. You’ll see a chimera on the upper level.

Go inside the building below to head upstairs.

You’ll come across a few smaller enemies to take out. You won’t have much trouble with them if you’ve gotten this far. Make sure you use the wrapping technique if you get stuck.

The path will lead you outside so keep going. You’re almost to the destination.

Take out a few more enemies and don’t forget to pick up as much Red Matter as you can. You’ll cross a bridge and be tasked with saving a few civilians.

This section is actually more difficult than it seems. Make sure you’re keeping track of the civilians and their health bars, which are represented by a circle next to them.

After you save everyone, you’ll be rewarded with some XP and will then have to look for survivors. Luckily, a waypoint is available to help you.

Follow it down the stairs. From here, you’ll be grabbed and taken to the next section.

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