Astral Chain – How to Defeat Cerberus Boss

Cerberus Boss Guide

Before you can actually fight Cerberus, you’ll have to take down several chimeras. Since your weapons are upgraded, you should have an easier time with these creatures here. Also, don’t forget to use your Power Charge by pressing X when you have your Legion out.

You might find it useful to attack a couple times and then follow it up with a dodge. The enemies have a sort of rhythm that they tend to stick to. You can even attack once and then dodge out of the way if you’re extra cautious.

And of course, don’t forget about your wrapping technique. You can even wrap multiple enemies at once. Look for the “Finish Off” prompt to take them out.

After they’re all defeated, you’ll start the battle with the Cerberus. It will drop down and begin attacking you, so be ready to dodge.

The best tactic to use here is to put your Legion in front of the beast while you attack it from behind. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it’s a good general strategy to have in mind.

If you’re a fan of the wrapping technique, you can use it here but the Cerberus is very quick, so you might struggle to pull it off.

After you get it to 70% damage, it will flee. To reach the Cerberus, you’ll need to platform across a gap.

This will be the final area of this fight. Keep attacking it, wrap it up, and dodge when it goes up in the air. You can sandwich the boss in between you and your Legion for extra damage.

Eventually, Cerberus will shoot meteor-looking attacks at you. Dodge them. Be careful not to get stuck next to an edge because you can fall off easily.

Another good tactic is to wait for it to slam down and attack it right after it lands. It’s vulnerable for a few moments after landing.

Once you get it down enough, you’ll see the “Finish Off” prompt. Press A to defeat Cerberus.

After the fight is over head to Isabella to rescue her.

A cutscene will begin and you’ll be tasked with entering a gate close by. This will send you back to the city you came from, only it will be in even more danger when you get back.

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