Astral Chain – How to Defeat Hestia Boss

Hestia Boss Guide

The best thing to do with Hestia is to send your Beast Legion after it to get some long range attacks in. Press L to do so. Otherwise, Hestia fights like many enemies you’ve seen before.

When the boss gets out of reach, you can shoot it with Arrows or use the aforementioned Beast attacks.

After you defeat the boss, take the elevator up to the next area.

You’ll come across some more appearing platforms and moving structures like you’ve seen before.

Eventually a pack of flying chimeras will appear. Take them out and keep going.

There will be a couple more platforming sections in your way before you reach Douglas. Make use of your Legions to get past these sections.

The next puzzle section will also include a few enemies to take out. Once you defeat them, head to the right side to find three floating orbs. You have to use your Arrow to take them out in order to move ahead.

You don’t have to shoot them all at the same time. One shot each will do.

Head up using the platform and continue ahead to a section with two pressure plates on the ground. Activate them to send you up.

Rescuing Douglas

At the top, you’ll see Douglas on the ground. But of course, you can’t just run up to him to save him. There’s a mob of enemies to defeat first!

After taking all of them out, another boss will make its way towards you.

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