Astral Chain – How to Defeat Homunculus α (Alpha) Boss

Homunculus α (Alpha) Boss Guide

For the final boss of File 4, you’ll need to be good with all of your Legions to succeed. Homunculus does a lot of damage and has multiple phases that will require you to switch Legions on the fly.

When you gain control of your character, immediately equip your Arm with L and run over to the beast. Get behind its back leg and wail on it.

It’ll eventually rotate, so turn with it. Keep behind its back leg as best you can and switch to your sword when your Legion runs out. As soon as your Legion replenishes, equip your Arm again.

Eventually Homunculus will perform a sweeping attack. If you’re sticking behind it, this won’t hit you. Otherwise, try your best to dodge out of the way.

When it lowers its head enough for you to reach it with melee attacks, hit it with your Arm to do lots of damage.

The boss will also perform a large AoE attack that you can avoid by running or dodging back. When you see it lift its arms in the air stop what you’re doing and immediately run.

Eventually, it will fall down, giving you a chance to pummel him for a short while. After enough damage is dealt, you’ll destroy its arms. Here’s when you’ll need to switch to your Arrow.

It’ll raise up and open its mouth to dish out a nasty attack. If you stand back and shoot Arrows when it does this, you’ll be safer.

When it comes back down, switch back to your Arm and attack it as much as you can. It will then lift back up to attack with its mouth again.

Towards the end of the fight, it’ll start attacking you with a laser. A few well-placed Arrow shots will bring it down from here.

It’s a complicated boss fight because you have to juggle your Legions quickly, but you’ll be able to pull it off with a little practice.

After it’s down, wait around and the mission will end.

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