Astral Chain – How to Defeat Homunculus β (Beta) Boss

Homunculus β (Beta) Boss Guide

Much like many of the huge bosses in the game, the best tactic is to stick behind its back legs and attack as much as you can. You’ll especially want to stay behind Homunculus β since it can shoot you with a giant laser blast.

As long as you aren’t facing the boss from the front, you’ll avoid this blast. Stay at its side or back and keep swinging.

After you’ve dealt enough damage, the boss will crawl up on the walls and hit you with long ranged attacks. When it does this, shoot it with Arrows until it comes back down.

The creature will then land on the ground. Attack it as much as you can until it crawls back up on the walls. The boss will then start shooting its lasers from up there, so get under it to avoid the attack.

Keep spamming it with your Arrows while its up there.

You should be able to safely attack it from below with little issues. If you see the laser coming towards you, dodge out of the way. It moves slowly, so you have plenty of reaction time.

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