Astral Chain – How to Defeat Homunculus γ (Gamma) Boss

Homunculus γ (Gamma) Boss Guide

This version of the homunculus will fight much like its counterparts, but it’s a lot more aggressive. The tactic of attacking its back legs still applies, only this time you’ll have to run around more to keep up with the boss.

The best time to get a lot of hits in is when the boss shoots its laser. It stands still during this attack, so take advantage of it.

For the second phase, it will stand up on its back legs and will be a lot more nimble. Although, the strategy is the same: Attack its legs and dodge when it gets ready to stop.

When the boss lights up purple, run away from it. This means it will send spikes shooting out of the ground that can cause a lot of damage. You’ll also want to move when the ground lights up purple.

And when the boss jumps in the air, roll away from it to avoid getting hit.

As soon as the boss jumps in the air across to the other building, switch to your Arrow Legion. From this point, spam it with Arrows.

The homunculus will throw toxic goop at you, so make sure you attack right after this. If your timing is off, you’ll never be able to land a shot since the goop hitting you will interrupt your attack.

A good time to shoot it is when it fires its laser at you since that attack lasts for a few moments.

Finally, smack its arms when it jumps back on your building. It will likely stand up again, but at this point, it can’t take much more.

Defeating the creature will mark the end of this file.

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