Astral Chain – How to Defeat Homunculus Δ (Delta) Boss

Homunculus Δ (Delta) Boss Guide

After a series of cutscenes, you’ll start a battle with another homunculus.

This one will need to be approached differently, as you can’t get under it to attack its legs like other versions. To defeat it, wait for it to slam its arms down on the ground. Hit them while they’re down to damage the creature. It will alternate arms, so don’t get used to just one pattern.

When it shoots its huge laser beam, use your Axe Legion to guard against it with your shield. Press L to do that. You’ll also want to watch out for large masses it throws at you. Play it safe and keep an eye out for it to slam its arms on the ground.

When you deal enough damage, the boss will begin phase two. He will shoot up into the air along with several platforms for you to jump on. For this section, you’ll want to tie up each of its arms with your chain to get it to stop for a few moments. Use your Legion to jump from platform to platform. Eventually, it will fall off.

After this, you’ll end up back in the Astral Plane. Cross the gaps and continue towards the waypoint. You’ll come to a section with a structure that can be destroyed with your Axe Legion. Use its Axe Detonation to clear the structure out of the way.

Use your Arm Legion to move the giant block ahead.

Keep moving towards the homunculus and you’ll reach a section with toxic gas. Use your Axe Legion to shield yourself from it. Here, you’ll face off against more enemies. Use your Legions to move and/or detonate blocks in the area.

When you clear that area, you’ll reach an object that needs to be analyzed with your Sword Legion. Do that to move on.

The next section will have you using your Axe Legion and Arm Legion to clear the cubes out of the way. Make sure you destroy the laser beam blocking your way.

Next, you’ll come to a huge boss that’s just begging you to take it down.

Homunculus Egg Boss Fight

This is unlike any boss fight you’ve experienced in the game so far. What you need to do is attack its weak points while taking out the smaller enemies that ambush you from all sides.

Shoot the glowing points on its sides and it will expose its center for you to attack. After a while, it will regenerate its shell, so don’t get too comfortable with it taking lots of damage.

You should also use your Legion to watch your back while you’re attacking the boss’ core. This will save you some time, too.

After you beat the boss, you’ll head out of the Astral Plane and back to the police HQ for yet another boss fight. This time, with Jena atop the roof of the HQ.

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