Astral Chain – How to Defeat Kronos Boss

Kronos Boss Guide

The hardest part about Kronos is simply getting its shields down. To do so, use your Axe Legion to attack it. The boss will constantly replenish its shields but if you have your Axe Legion handy, they won’t be up for long.

Press ZL to get your Axe Legion to attack.

Once the shields are down, you can actually continue to use the Axe Legion to damage it. If you stick beneath the boss, you’ll have little trouble pulling off attacks.

Rinse and repeat when Kronos regenerates its shield. The one move to look out for from the boss is its smashing attack it does with both arms. If you stick behind him, you can avoid this.

Take it down and keep following the path towards Brenda.

Plucking the Ravens

When you arrive, you’ll have new enemies to fight known as Ravens. After a little while, you’ll get a cutscene in which you’ll have to fight an evil version of Akira. Keep dealing damage, and you’ll be sent to a new area.

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