Astral Chain – Legions Guide

This page will detail the five Legions in Astral Chain and how to use them In addition, check out our Upgrades guide to see how to enhance your Legion.

Sword Legion

The nice thing about the Sword Legion is its speed and mobility. There are certain instances against faster enemies that the Sword Legion excels against. Not only that, but the Sword Legion can quickly be wrapped around enemies to tie them up.

Aside from its mobility, it will also allow you to lay precise slashes with its sword. There are a few puzzles that will require this in the world, as well as enemies with chains that must be severed, so look out for those.

Arrow Legion

The Arrow Legion is highly effective at long range. You’ll run into various situations with flying enemies or ones that are just far away, so using the Arrow Legion will help. There are also a number of puzzles throughout the Astral Plane that require the use of the Arrow Legion.

One thing to note is that you’re quite vulnerable when aiming with the Arrow Legion. So, don’t stop in the middle of a hectic battle because you’ll almost certainly take damage.

Arm Legion

If you want to pack a punch, the Arm Legion is the way to go. You can wear the Legion to attack with heavy-hitting punches, which will most certainly come in handy against slower, tougher enemies. The Arm Legion is sort of the opposite of the Sword Legion, in that it’s a lot slower.

You’ll also need it to lift heavy objects to throw at enemies, open large doors, or wear the Legion to cross over hazardous materials.

Beast Legion

You’ll be using the Beast Legion a lot after you unlock it. It will serve as your trusty steed that you can ride around the environments much faster than you can on foot. Along with that, the Beast Legion is great at mid to long range combat, making it much easier to take out those pesky flying chimera.

It can also be given a scent that uses to track down quest objectives, and it can dig underground to find items, as well. The Beast Legion is highly useful in Astral Chain.

Axe Legion

The Axe Legion will come in handy, especially towards the later sections of the game. One of its defining characteristics, aside from its huge axe, is is ability to deploy a shield to protect you. It can also break through other enemies’ shields, making it a multifaceted Legion for you to use.

In addition to that, the Axe Legion can detonate huge blocks in the Astral Plane, which can also damage enemies. So if you see a one of these blocks in the world, try leading them towards the Axe Legion so you can detonate it and do extra damage.

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