Astral Chain – Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of subtleties in Astral Chain, from the way you use your Legions, to little things you can do while attacking to come out on top. This list of tips and tricks will give you the upper hand you’ll need to emerge victorious in combat and other scenarios.

Upgrade your Legions

This is almost essential for the game’s later battles. You” likely find that the last few files will ramp up in difficulty, so making sure your Legion can keep up will help you a lot. If you press the – button and move over to the Legions tab, you’ll see all the options available for you.

Legion Learning is like a skill tree for each of your Legions, while Assign Skills will let you add certain skills to them. The Abilities section features a list of perks you can assign as well. Experiment with them and don’t forget to check this section frequently.

We have an in depth Upgrades section you can check out, too.


This one’s a biggie, too. IRIS is Astral Chain’s version of detective mode. It highlights important people and items in the world for you. If you don’t know where to go IRIS will usually help you out. The game is generally good about pointing you in the right direction, but sometimes it can be confusing. Activate it with the + button.

…Speaking of IRIS

Did you know you can see an enemy’s health if you activate IRIS during a battle? It’s not just restricted to exploration sections.

You can Replay Levels

Visit the computer in the Command Room of the HQ.

Watch out for Your Legatus to Light Up

When your Legatus lights up, press ZL to unleash a devastating Legion attack. Also, pay attention to the sound that goes with it. You’ll see this happen at times during a combo and when you finish off an enemy.

Finishing an Enemy off Will Fill Your Health Bar

This is a fantastic strategy to use during combat. If you’re struggling, you can time things so that you don’t need to use a healing item. Always finish enemies off and don’t forget to press ZL when your Legatus lights up during the animation.

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