Astral Chain – Upgrades Guide

Upgrading is a very important aspect of Astral Chain. You can upgrade your weapons, as well as your Legions. Both can seem daunting to figure out so this Upgrades guide will help you learn the ropes.

Legion Upgrades

Upgrading your Legion will come in handy, especially for the later parts of the game. Press the – button to access your Legato and move over to the Legion tab. From here, you’ll see a few options. It will also give you a general overview of all the Legions you have unlocked. Pay attention to their stats.

Legion Learning

This is the game’s skill tree. You’ll find extra attack, defense, speed, and other upgrades here. Take note of your Legion’s level, because this will dictate which upgrades you’ll be able to unlock.

The currency you’ll need to unlock upgrades here is called Gene Codes and you get it from battle. Performing better during combat will net you more Gene Codes.

You’ll also need various materials that can be found in the world or as rewards for completing missions. These vary in rarity.

Do note that every Legion has its own separate list of upgrades.

Assign Skills

Here, you’ll be able to add various skills to your Legions. It’s a good idea to pick ones that suit your play style and the Legion you’re using. Also, take note of how to use each one and apply different ones to your various Legions. Each Legion has its own set that can be equipped.


These are similar to the skills you can add to your Legions. They’ll give you different perks like extra damage or boost the amount of Gene Codes you get in battle. Keep in mind, only one Legion can use each ability, which is okay since there are dozens and dozens of them.

Weapon Upgrades

The weapon upgrade system is a little less complicated than the Legion upgrades. Although, it isn’t less important. To upgrade your weapons, head to the Technical Crew room just outside the Training room on the third floor.

In here, you’ll need to talk to Tabitha who can upgrade your weapons for you.

From here, you’ll be able to upgrade your X- Baton and Legatus. There isn’t a skill tree or anything like that, but you will need certain items to keep upgrading. Prioritize whichever one fits your play style.

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