Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles – How to Play as Austra

Tips to Austra

Meteor Shower/Sky Piercer goes really well with specific Starlight Blessings. There’s a surprising amount of neutral blessings that compensate you for inflicting corruption on enemies, and the use of these blessings can completely negate Meteor Shower’s risks. Just the… I think it’s called the Eye of the Sun? Turns each meteor from a 1 corruption to 1 corruption + 5 purify, making the Meteor Shower itself deal really high damage, before you even add Sky Piercer to the calculation.

Also keep in mind that you can pre-empt the overcorruption by applying Light Shield to your enemies.

Dodge builds can also be brutally powerful with Thundering Riposte, providing both safety and really good, scaling damage.

Note: Looked up the Blessing’s name, and it’s the Sun Eye. Close enough.


A dodge build with Thundering riposte worked fairly well for me.

I took a lot of risky dice (preferably with low corruptions sides) and self targeted the corruption to try to spam the thundering riposte. You either roll a corruption or a good side , so its a win win either way.

It scale pretty well and really fast too.

Created by Pachy

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