ASTRONEER – Ressource Guide

This guide is a guide for people who don’t know how ressources work or how to get them, learn alot about ressources here.

How to Get Them

Main Ressources

  • Compound: found on every planet mainly used in crafting recipes such as tethers or printers.
  • Resin: found on every planet, used for main crafts such as furnaces and others.
  • Organic: found on every planet, collectable by vaccuming plants, grass and others, can be turned into carbon if put into the furnace, can also be used as a source of energy for small generators.
  • Soil: soil is collectable only by vaccuming the ground while having a small canister in your inventory.
  • Clay: found on every planet, can be melted in the furnace to make ceramic.
  • Quartz: found on every planet(caves), can be using in crafts such as beacon, can be melted into glass, can be turned into silicon via chemestry lab.
  • Amonium: found on every planet(see below), used in crafting for rocket fuel (which means hydrazine which is craftable via chemestry lab).
  • Graphite: found on every planet(hills/mountains mostly), used for crafts such as packagers, can be turned into graphene via chemestry lab.
  • Laterite: found on every planet(caves), can only be melted into aluminium.
  • Astronium: found on every planet(deepest caves), tradable ressource via trade platform.
  • Sphalerite: found on Sylva(caves) and Desolo(hills), can only be melted into Zinc.
  • Wolframite: found on Desolo(caves) and Calidor(surface), can only be melted into Tungsten.
  • Malachite: found on Sylva(mountains) and Calidor, can only be melted into Copper.
  • Lithium: found on Vesania(caves) and Novus(hills), can be used in important crafting such as medium batteries or RTGs.
  • Hemathite: found on Novus(caves) and Glacio(hills), can only be melted into Iron.
  • Titanite: found on Vesania(mountains) and Glacio(caves), can only be melted into Titanium.


  • Carbon: result from melting Organic, can be used as fuel for medium generators and can be turned into Plastic, Tungsten Carbide, Explosive Powder and Steel via Chemestry lab.
  • Ceramic: result from melting Clay, can be used in crafts such as uhh i dunno its been a while since i last played… (probably not alot to remember).
  • Glass: result from melting Quartz, can be used in crafts such as Chemestry lab (i think).
  • Aluminum: result from melting laterite, very important ressource, used in crafting rockets and other vehicules.
  • Zinc: result from melting Sphalerite, can be used in crafts such as medium battery.
  • Copper: result from melting Malachite, can be used in crafts such as solar pannels.
  • Tungsten: result from melting Wolframite, used in crafts such as medium generator.
  • Iron: result from melting Hematite, can be turned into Steel via Chemestry lab.
  • Titanium: result from melting Titanite, can be turned into Titanium Alloy via Chemestry lab.
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