ATLAS – Kraken Guide

Good to know things about fighting kraken. This guide is Early Acess. Goal is to make community guide.


Do not use plate armor, as Kraken is high voltage! Use Fur armor with healh bonuses for best results. 400-600 cannon balls for a brig. More for galleon. Try to upgrade Your planks at least to blue ones, for extra safety. Few medkits. Repair hammer with better durability. 5-10 planks, as You can stuck at tentacles and get rekt by SoD galleon. Extra steering wheel. Repair mats for ship 2k wood 2k fiber 250 metal 1.5k thatch do the job for me. Hide for sails.

Respect your crew members, they are people, not slaves. Craft them fine fur armor with health bonuses. 🙂


All points in Health! Respecificate points in freeport if You are at max level. Learn medkit and upgrade speed of medkit use, treatment efectiveness. Learn advanced armor skills if You wear health boosted high tear armor. Armor articulation skill helps quicker react to repairing ship situations if You are solo player.

Tool studies if You have high tear repair hammer. Max up capteniering skill tree for quick repairs, slower sinking, sail rotating speed bonus and cannon reload feat.

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