ATOM RPG – 100% Achievement Guide

Detailed and in-depth guide for the achievements of ATOM RPG. Note that none of the achievements are related to the main quest, so it will be completely spoiler-free in regards to the main plot. However, there will be spoilers about side quests.


This game is probably the best successor to classic Fallout games we have so far. So it’s only natural for many people to hunt the achievements of the game for personal satisfaction, delving into different details of the game’s non-linear world and seeing the parts of the game which developers purposely wanted players to see.

This guide covers all of the achievements in the current version of the game (1.11) New achievements added with expansions will hopefully be worked on whenever I have time.

There are no bugs or glitches whatsoever related to the achievements. So, if you are doing it in the way explained here and still not getting the achievements, you are doing something wrong.

I must add as a personal note, a lot of brilliant achievement opportunities are missed here. I can easily tell 10-15 in game occasions off the top of my head, in which getting an achievement for doing certain things would be convenient and extremely satisfying. Nevertheless, achievements we have so far are well-thought and intriguing.

Cumulative Achievements


You need to visit five/ten and fifteen locations on the wasteland map. Locations must be discovered by you, so places that are named or marked on your map by NPC’s don’t count.

Grave Robber

Get the shovel from the farm behind Semyon’s hut in Otradnoye, put the shovel in your equip slot and start digging graves whenever you see them. I got the achievement with seven graves, however the required amount may vary. Locations of some of the graves are:

  • Otradnoye – 6 graves
  • Old Bridge – 5 graves
  • Abandoned Factory – 1 grave
  • Stalker Base (Dead City) – 5 graves

Kraina Grzybow

Collect 50 red mushrooms. These are basically in every outdoor area, so look out and pick them up. Press ALT while wandering to spot them easier.

Head Burst

Make the heads of 10 enemies explode with ranged attacks.

  • Only the heads of humans and ex-humans explode.
  • Only critical damage explodes body parts.
  • Use high DPS burst weapons. With rifles, aim at the head or the eye.
  • If you’re having trouble, sawed off shotguns may help.
  • PTRD rifle is a one-hit head exploder.

Cheeki Breeki

Commit 5 caravan robberies. Killing only the trader counts as a robbery, so you can kill the trader and escape the encounter without having to deal with the bodyguards.

WARNING: This is essentially a death wish. Each caravan robbery adds a bounty to your head and you’ll eventually be tracked down by mercanaries without any chance to escape. These mercenaries come packed and hit hard, so don’t try to pull this off in your Survival run (27 Club achievement). On the plus side, if you manage to kill the mercenaries, their exceptionally powerful gear will cover you until the endgame.

Special Achievements

Atom Agent

Just start playing the game.

One HIT wonder

Kill an enemy with a single melee attack. Just hit a fly or a rat with a melee weapon.

One shot, one kill

Kill an enemy with a single ranged attack. Just shoot a fly or a rat with a ranged weapon.

It’s a classic!

Pull a classic Fallout prank by reverse-pickpocketing an activated explosive on someone.

You need the item “explosive with a makeshift timer” to do this. You can find it in various locations, such as random caravan encounters, KRZ catacombs (behind a secret door) and the shop in Stalker Base (Dead City). Or you can craft it by combining a stick of dynamite, lantern battery, alarm clock and wires with high enough tinkering skill. Use the explosives in your inventory to set the timer, plant it in someone’s inventory via pickpocketing and wait for the boom.

Love Guru

Get laid with more than one NPC. Except for prostitutes, you actually need to seduce NPCs, which requires passing various stat/skill checks and picking correct dialogue options. Available romance options depend on your gender.

As a male:

  • Dunya in Abandoned Factory,
  • Girl (Betroota) in Maiden Spring Farm
  • Belladonna in KRZ brothel
  • The faithful wife Borislava, in the shack next to the the Mushroom cult headquarters in KRZ
  • Woman (Zhanna) at the front desk in KRZ hospital
  • Devi Christu Just keep stalking her like a true gentleman, you’ll eventually reach your goal.
  • Alina in Waterfall (Mountain Pass of Woes)
  • Ludka in Looters’ Base (Dead City)

As a female:

  • Dunya in Abandoned Factory,
  • Bald and bearded guy, guarding one of the entrances in Abandoned Factory
  • Boy (August) in Maiden Spring Farm
  • Doctor Maximov in KRZ hospital
  • General Nasty in KRZ brothel
  • Doctor Gorsky in Stalker Base (Dead City)


When you get the “three wanderers standing around a campfire” random encounter, decide to check it out. This was one of the first random encounters in my multiple playthroughs, so it shouldn’t be hard to come across.

You’ll see a typical Mexican standoff with three guys accusing each other of being possessed. Talk to all of them about the crash and the skin worm, say you’ll help. Finally, say that you’ve reached a conclusion and give your verdict to one of them.


You’ll hear multiple people telling the legend of the gold fish during your travels in wastes. You need to do just that and catch the gold fish for the achievement.

In Otradnoye, talk to the fisher near the pond, who will teach you harvesting animal parts from carcass (Entomologist perk), which will be used mainly for fishing bait. Kill animals and harvest the parts for bait, start fishing near the pond and pray for a lucky catch.

  • Catching the gold fish is relatively easy with 11 (max) luck.
  • You can drink two bottles of three different luck boosting booze for getting your luck up to 11 and then save scum until you get it.
  • Or you can just start a new game with a luck maxed character, since the fishing area is pretty much at the beginning of the game.
  • The type of bait shouldn’t matter but having a good catch seems to be more consistent with spider brain.

Bustin’ nuts

Find the abandoned shack outside of the gates of Otradnoye. You’ll see a light switch near the bed. Turn it on, it will lighten up the floor under the bed. Then you will be able to move the bed to reveal an entrance to a bunker. Turn off the light and enter the bunker. For the achievement, you need to activate the “Nutcracker” in the corner. After killing the rat in the bunker, take the toy sword from its corpse and put it in your equip slot to use it on the Nutcracker.

Cosmic Horror

You’ll see some set of stones aligned in a spiral pattern towards the north of Otradnoye. Some people speculate about this anomaly but no one can figure out what it is.

Abraham the bookseller in Krasnoznamenny (KRZ) gives you a quest for killing a group of bandits. When you complete his quest, reject the cash reward and ask for an interesting book instead. He becomes extremely about keeping his money (oy vey) and gives you Unaussprechlichen Kulten, which is a book about occult rituals. Or you can, with high stealth and lockpicking skills, make your way to the door behind him and steal the book from his safe.

When you read the book, you see that the book explains a ritual being made around a weird spiral boulder. Just put two and two together for the achievement. Go to Otradyone at midnight and step in the middle of the spiral boulder. Eat a mushroom, use the book in your inventory and close it. Voila.


In Roaring Forest, you will find a wooden totem on a path towards the left of Valery and his wife. Drop three pieces of raw meat on the circle and see how the atheist ideology of the Soviet Union was wrong all along.


Find and get into the underground cave in Roaring Forest. You’ll eventually be in an area with a precipice, press ALT to find a stalagmite that you can tie a rope to. After tying the rope, you need to have at least 30 throwing weapon skills for throwing it to the other side. Cross the gap after throwing the rope. Going forward and right, you will see some prehistoric carvings. Your character comments on the art and you unlock the achievement.


In the underground cave of Roaring Forest, going left from the prehistoric carvings described in “Indy” achievement will lead you to a small corridor. Press ALT to find a buried stash. Inside the stash, you will see a paleolithic venus statue and a stone tool. From the crafting menu, combine the stone tool with a sharpening stone and electrical tape. You’ll get the achievement after successfully crafting a stone knife.

WARNING: You need a certain amount of tinkering skill to pull this off. Failing a crafting attempt may demolish the stone tool, which will make the achievement gone forever for that run. I had 50 tinkering when I did this one.


You need to find and use the “strange serum” for gaining superpowers. There are currently two of these in game.

In the underground cave of Roaring Forest, you will eventually see a corrider with a blood trail. Follow the trail until you see a rat-dog-mole combination of a monster, called Blind death. Loot the skeleton in its lair to find the strange serum and use it in your inventory for the achievement.

You get the second strange serum by solving the puzzle of Killdozer, who is just outside of metro entrance of the Stalker Base in Dead City.

It was worth a shot

Shortly after entering Bunker 317, you’ll see a malfunctioning robot. Kick it as much as you can. Even if it means your death, just have faith and keep kicking.

Secret room

Find the “mysterious book” inside a desk, which is in a room near the dorm room (the room with all the beds and lockers piled up) on the lower floor of Bunker 317.

Just next to the labarotory in Bunker 317 is a meeting room with two tables, chairs and two bookshelves. If your ‘attention’ is high enough, you get notified of some strange scratches near one of the bookshelves. Place the “mysterious book” in that bookshelf. A secret entrance appears and you get the achievement.

Tourist Korallov

Tourist Korallov is a legend among the people of wastes. Dude is a forced casanova, that is to say he is cursed (or blessed, depends on your point of view) with seducing any female human being he meets. Your goal is to find if the legend has any truth in it.

For this, you need to complete three independent quests in Safe Journey Farm.

  • Alyonka will greet you as soon as you set foot on the farm. She is the foster daughter of Bronislav. She says they need a merchant in the farm and demands 20 units of gunpowder from you. Before giving her the gunpowder, search one of the dressers in the hut to find an ATOM passport.
    After completing her quest, you need to ask if she needs anything else and pass a ‘personality’ or ‘rifles and shotguns’ check. After she tells you that she wants to know her past, show her the ATOM passport, welcome her to ATOM and make her leave for either the main base or Red Fighter.

    WARNING: This is a one time dialogue, meaning there won’t be a second chance to ask her about it. So make sure you pass the requirements for her dialogue.

  • Ella (Electra) is the younger daughter of Bronislav. Like a typical zoomer teenager, she detests the idea of parenthood and wants to indulge in self-harm.
    Knowing this, when she asks you about the world outside, tell her it’s all fun and games with all the booze, cigs and parties. She jumps onto the bandwagon and wants you to provide some cigs and alcohol. Be a true hero and say yes to her requests. She says she will be waiting for you at midnight.

    WARNING: You need to meet her behind the haysack on the same day you take the quest, so don’t be late. If you come later, you will fail the quest and she won’t talk to you again.

    A day after you corrupt her pristine mind, she runs away from the farm, never to be seen again.

  • Bronislav is the owner of the farm. When you ask him about needing a merchant, he opens up. He suspects that his blonde bomb of a wife is committing infidelity. For proving that, he asks you to search his wife’s nightstand for a Plastic ring. Just left of Bronislav is the private room of his wife. Picklock the nightstand that has a candle on it and get the ring. There are multiple ways to go with this quest after finding the ring but you probably figured out that our goal is to make this poor sob as miserable as we can for the achievement. So, show the ring to Bronislav.

Quests can be completed in any order. Next time you visit the farm (timing doesn’t matter, you can exit and re-enter the farm), you see someone and get the achievement. It’s the legend himself, came for another taste of that sweet farmgirl pie. You can kill him as an act of jealousy, or leave him be.

The Vitinsky Rifle

You need to find Vitinsky’s Experimental Rifle (VER). It can be found after you pay the truck driver in Fogelevka and reach the Mountain Pass of Woes.Everything around in this region revolves around two spoiled brats who escaped to Waterfall. Take the quest from Alina’s father in Castle, talk to Alina and make them return.

After you completed the quests required for reaching the bunker, talk to guide Jafarov who stands outside of the Caravanserai for taking you to the Military Bunker. The rifle is inside a safe, in a storage room next to the soldier dorms/barracks. If you don’t have the sufficient lockpick skill, code for unlocking the safe can be deciphered from a note, which someone wrote about stealing the rifle. Tarot cards&numbers Code is 0915 but it’s better if you use your brain to figure it out.

Mystical Relics

Obtain and sell three specific artifacts to the mysterious woman in Komsomolskaya station (Stalker Base) in Dead City. Here’s how you obtain them:

  • Golden Walnut: Check the “Bustin’ nuts” achievement.

  • Cold Talisman: Some people occasionally come and go to the Smuggler’s Den in KRZ catacombs. One of them is the knife woman, Sveta. She appears randomly every few days, so spend some days outside of the catacombs and enter to see if she’s there. If you learn the rules of the knife game from Sveta and then pass a skillcheck of Dexterity, Melee and Attention combined, you win her game. Refuse her first two rewards (Soviet military knife and beer), she will give you the Cold Talisman instead.

  • Jade Statue: Inside of the apartment building in front of the hospital of KRZ, is a sleeping guy named Rudolf Karpov, with an old lady caring for him. To start the quest, read his diary on the table next to him. It doesn’t appear in the quest log but your character says that the shaman in Fogelevka may help the sleeping guy. Go to Fogolevka inn and find Shaman Tugulov. He directs you to herbal healer of the town, who lives in the house near the truck and she directs you to Nikita Konev in Peregon. Get the potion and return to wake Rudolf up.


In Dead City, find your way to the Looters’ Base via metro tunnels, open the gate to the east of the map and enter the tunnels again to reach the Kievsky station. When inside, find the dead lovers and check out the diary. Consume a mushroom, talk the the ghost lady and agree to put her to rest. Bury the remains of the lovers for the achievement.

Quest Achievements

Double agent

In Otradnoye, take the quest given by Comrade Kovalev for finding the snitch in the village.

After finding the snitch, kill him and report to Kovalev. The achievement pops up right after you accept Kovalev’s second mission.

Career criminal

After finding the snitch in Otradnoye, don’t kill him and let him escape. Go to the Abandoned Factory and talk to Dan for the achievement.

Protection racket

Hit or shoot the guy during Dan’s test. While Dan is reviewing how well you did in his test, act badass and say that you were given a gun and a target, it’s just business. He then decides that your muscle is worth more than your brain and sends you to settle a feud with moonshiners. Go to Drunken Lair and solve the quest without resorting to violence, either by convincing their boss with passing a Speechcraft check or threatening with passing a Strength/Luck check.

Not-so-private Eye

Either do nothing or hit/shoot the guy during Dan’s test. While Dan is reviewing how well you did in his test, say that it wasn’t right to hit him. Or if you shot the guy, be a smartass and say that you knew the gun wasn’t loaded. He then decides you’re smarter than a tree trunk and sends you to an investigation mission. Go to Maiden Spring farm and talk to farmer’s wife. Ask her about the brothers. Convince her with passing a Speechcraft check or intimidate her with passing a Strength check.

Comrade Yogi

When you report to Dan after completing the task in Maiden Spring farm, say that the family at the farm knew that Dan sent those men. Next time you visit the farm, go inside the house to see Comrade Yogi doing business. Achievement pops up when you deal with Comrade Yogi.Playthrough AchievementsFollowing achievements are unlocked simply by playing the game in a specific way and meeting certain conditions. To get all of the achievements in this section, you need to have at least two playthroughs.


Start the game after setting one stat to 1 and another stat to 11 in character creation screen.


Your character can hit and cripple the enemies all the way you want, he/she just CAN’T deal the killing blow. Your companions can, so it’s wise to leave automatic rifles to your companions.

  • You can check your kill count in your character’s statistics screen.
  • Having high Endurance will make you tank the damage while your companions finish the job.
  • You’ll be able to skip random encounters with high Survival skill.
  • Needless to say, having high Speechcraft helps tremendously, you can solve conflicts with non-violent ways in most parts of the game.
  • In hostile encounters where you have to fight but have a chance to talk before the battle, using “Luck” option doesn’t add to your kill count, so investing in Luck is also a viable strategy.

No Name, No Slogan

You need to keep your name secret. Don’t do anything that will reveal your name to anyone. So you can’t take Dan’s quests and can’t have any companions (except for dog), since they will know your name. At other times, never reveal your true name when people ask. Meeting people that know you while progressing in main storyline doesn’t count, so don’t freak out when some ATOM agent calls you by your name.

P.S: Since the game already implies that rumors and lies can come true if you let them grow (like people talking about the rumor of the Rat King living below the Mountain Pass of Woes Fortress), I thought this was a reference to Planescape: Torment’s “Adahn” achievement. In the case of PS:T, a replica of your character with a different name appears when you stick with giving a false name to everyone you meet throughout the game.


Self explanatory. You need to reach level 30 on expert difficulty. When you visit every location and finish every availible quest, you need to be somewhere between level 20 and 25. The rest is pure grind with random encounters.

  • Get the “Effective Training” ability from the ability tree as soon as you can.
  • Rejecting the monetary reward after completing some of the quests will grant you more XP.
  • In hostile encounters where you have a chance to talk before the battle, using the “Luck” option successfully will net you around 1000 XP each time. This is actually a decent source of XP, so consider investing in Luck.
  • Farming critters in Mountain Pass of Woes (random encounter that says strange scratching noises are coming from a small cave) for XP is a safe and efficient method. They hit only melee, summon new critters and grant relatively good XP.
  • If you have weapons like PTRD, R-700M and Vitinsky Rifle, don’t even bother with farming mutant animals for XP. Go full aggro on bandits, cultists and slave traders for good amounts of XP.

27 Club

You need to commit suicide when you reach level 27 on Survival difficulty. Well, rewarding the player with an achievement for finishing the game on Survival difficulty would be nice. This isn’t nice. This is solely masochism.

  • Cover every part of the game in another playthrough prior to this one, so you’ll know what to expect in different parts of the game.
  • Saving in Survival difficulty is by quitting to main menu only, so you know how it goes. Quit frequently and if you die, ALT+F4 before seeing the “you died” screen.
  • Having high Dexterity and Endurance is crucial, rest of the stats depend on your style. Just keep in mind that your survival is the priority here, so try to go with a combat-oriented build as much as you can.
  • Looking up and crafting recipes will be helpful in the early stages of the game.
  • If fighting is inevitable, always be the one who starts the fight.
  • It’s fun and all to slaughter everything with automatic weapons; but you can easily get surrounded when you attack from short distances. Rifles, especially scoped rifles are better choices for taking out enemies while keeping a distance. Better be safe than sorry.
  • Fully upgrading your base in Red Fighter will make your life easier.
  • Do not, by any means, attack the slave traders you see with random encounters.
  • After reaching a certain level and having gear you feel comfortable with, apply the grinding techniques explained in “Expert” achievement.
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  1. Thanks so much for putting this guide together! Some of these achievements require such specific actions that I would have been incredibly frustrated trying to figure them out on my own.

    For those of you working toward completion, you won’t be able to complete the list without several playthroughs. Some of the achievements like Pacifist and No Name require you to finish the game, while 27 club is only achieved by getting killed. No Name also prevents you from taking Dan’s quests which have a forked achievement path (Protection Racket vs Private Eye-Yogi) requiring 2 playthroughs (without some savescumming) themselves.

    You can rush toward the ending of the game by focusing on the mushroom quests, with the biggest challenge in getting enough ru to pay for travel to the other maps. I personally found Pacifist pretty boring as you’re either setting up your companions and watching combat or just sneaking around.

    I’ll add one last note in that one of your most powerful abilities is the “inventory” button in combat. You can heal everyone up, reload all weapons, switch weapons/ammo/gear for your entire squad for 4 AP. Really enjoyed the game.

  2. In the Safe Journey Farm, after showing Ella (aka Electra) the ways of the world (with pot and booze), she flees the farm for more worldly adventures, leaving a goodbye note on her bed. This ‘act’ allows Bronislav to lose everything he had (wife became unfaithful, both daughters have abandoned the farm) likely causing him to go into a deeper depression, and he then ends it with a murder (of Yana) and suicide. When you arrive back at the farm, you’ll see him fall, and then you’re speaking with Tourist Korallov, the cause of Yana’s infidelity. You can listen to his tale of woe, of being cursed with this magical ability to bed women; let him go or kill him. It doesn’t seem to matter which you choose.

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