Automobilista 2 – Force Feedback Guide

No physics-guy explaining the Force Feedback-settings to you.


Currently if you pick the strongest / heaviest car during cornering. The Stockcar Brasil. And lets say you pick 50/0/0 gain with a CSW 2.5. The steering feels incredibly heavy, you’re clipping, the forces are insane and during the corners it feels unpleasant.

Now if you lower it to 30/0/0. It suddenly feels way too weak. Almost toyish during cornering. However, the curbs, the road, etc still come nicely thru your wheel.

Now If you add LFB. Lets say we just pick the default of 50. So 30/50/0 the Stockcar has the same gain, but doesn’t feel ultra-light anymore. It drives lovely and you actually can steer through the corners with finesse and with ease, but still having ‘resistance’ but not that much you almost need to break a arm.

Now hop into another car, like the Vee and do the same thing. You immediately feel the difference. Also the whole roster will not be too light or be too heavy. It feels balanced.

To my knowledge the gain is to translate the curbs, the roadtexture, the SAT forces, with the side effect if you put it too high the other cars in the spectrum, like the V8, Stockcar, etc become very heavy to drive and makes it unpleasant. If you lower the gain you still get those lovely curbs, and such coming through, but the cornering suddenly feels toyish.

If you dial in LFB it does something with the centering or so, so you get some more resistance, but not too much, and also the center feels better. Aka catching slides and such. I also recall the different asphalt-textures, like at Donington, would feel more pronounced. It’s a strange way to handle the FFB, but it works.

Reiza can better explain it to you than me. I am doing what been told me by a bunch of guys and it works. I was always frustrated the Stockcar and such were borderline unplayable with 50/0/0, but I let me stubborness go and dialed in 32/50/0 with Dri -2 and now all the cars play lovely.

Reiza is still not there, yet. There’s some more finetuning needed. But the FFB is out of the box one of the better I’ve experienced and it has lots of potential. Only the settings are bit of weird because we are all used to putting lots of stuff on zero and just use ”Gain’ for raw feedback.

Pick These Cars to Test

So LFB is now more important, gain should be lower than you think and FX depends on your taste. Everything you learned about FFB-settings in other sims should be forgotten. This is Reiza’s new approach to FFB.

Pick the Stockcar Brasil, V8, Vee, F-trainer and the Superlight on testday and dial in your FFB to your taste.

If the Stockcar feels like a pleasure to drive without almost flipping your rig then you’re set. Then I am surely sure (pun intended) that the other cars will feel good too.

My Settings with the CSW 2.5

  • Gain: 32
  • LFB: 50
  • FX: 0
  • Fanatec tuning settings: Dri -2

Anything weaker than the CSW 2.5 need to increase Gain and LFB
DD’s probably hovering about 20 gain and LFB to taste. I heard some run like 70 and some run 30.

FX is always up to taste.

Last Words

There’s still some work to do, but it feels great at the moment. Early acces will take another 4 or 8 weeks, so hopefully you’re, like me, curious what they come up with.

Happy racing!

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