Back 4 Blood – Mission Tips

Winning for Your First Time!

In this guide I am here to explain how my squad and I beat Back 4 Blood a few times!

Mission 1: Let’s say you’re starting on Classic difficult (easy) like my team did. When you first start off you main goal is to basically get to point A to point B. I am gonna skip 90% of this first mission because it is basically self-explanatory. After you have basically lowered the bridge all you have to do is cross all the obstacles after going down the ladder of death. PLEASE DO NOT SET OF THE DAMN BIRDS AT THIS POINT!! If you’re in a game with me and you set off the birds I will leave you in the dust and B-line it to the safe house.

Mission 2: This mission is a little harder after you get down to the tunnel you want to run straight to the door on the far left of the tunnel away from the Ogre. After you went through multiple rooms you will run in to the other side of the blocked tunnel. Keep on the far left side of the wall and run on top of the bus till you get to the exit. You are less likely to get downed or even killed by the Ogre doing that. After all the pain and suffering of that Ogre, the safe house will be in front of you with the building lit up by the red light.

Mission 3: This mission is also difficult depending if you get lucky or not (2 outcomes). If you don’t have a Ogre you’re in luck and you will be fine to progress a head through the traffic of Ridden. If you got the Ogre which you likely will, have fun bringing him to about 3/4 to 1/2 health before you can proceed (to kill him you have to shoot his weak points; everything else is armor). After all the Ogre nonsense you have a long walk until you will come across a waterfall and will proceed to jump down onto the ledge. Behind you inside the waterfall you will find a tiny secret cave giving all the survivors who enter 100 copper. Make sure to not set off the birds at the train tracks up ahead either because you’re going to be fighting a horde once you get to the broken down building. Pull the lever fight to drop the gravel, fight the horde, and get over the cargo container. After that you just need to go through the window and through the sewer. Up ahead and up the stairs is the safe house.

Mission 4: This will probably be the hardest mission if you’re playing with people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing or have never played Left 4 Dead in there life, which then you’re in hell of a treat. After you cleared the site from all Ridden you are going to blow up the big red propane tank. After the tank has blown up you need to run across the bridge to the boat (my team found that the right most side is the quickest). After in the boat run up the stairs and to what looks like to be some sort of military caravan. The final and last thing you need to do is plant 2 bombs in the front and rear ends of the bottom deck of the boat (maybe a boiler room?). This will be easy if you have 4 survivors still alive. Everyone who says stay on the turret is completely wrong in my opinion. My team found it easiest if everyone entered the boat together, planting the farthest bomb first than the closest. The bombs now being planted, you have 60 seconds to run all the way back up the boat and to the caravan and congratulations you have completed it (hopefully). My team can make it there with 2 – 35 seconds to spare.

Some Tips for Survivor / Nightmare Difficulty

This should also help you on the Survivor / Nightmare difficulty, but keep in mind you can’t go down once or you will automatically die (unless you use the insurance card that gives a extra life). Friendly fire is also on (35% damage to teammates / 60% if you’re playing on Nightmare). Make sure to play slow and safe on these difficulties because you wanna not take damage.

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