Back 4 Blood – Special Infected Guide

Teaches you how to deal with them.


Note: Credit goes to TheGreatDong

Bruisers are the scariest infected in back 4 blood because it’s the only infected that can wipe your squad.

So how to deal with them what you have to do is run past them. I know it sounds weird hearing to charge them head on but you got to. even if it’s charging at you as long as you run towards it and past it they won’t hit you.

Melee characters are indeed viable for this since this is your job to deal with this infected since you will be the one taking agro most of the time while your team attacks it’s weakspots.

If there is a horde currently active and there’s a bruiser that spawned run away the bruiser is mostly slow if it doesn’t see anyone currently but it will slowly make it’s way to you deal with everything else first before going.

Edit: I learned that grenades are also really good on harder difficulties for bruisers since you can take down at the least 2/3 of it’s health with it and stumble them.

But that’s if you’re out of options.


The retch can often times be dealt with just 2 headshots from a m1A or a point blank shotgun headshot. just try and get a retch in a doorway if possible if not just make sure your aim is good.

If the retch is too close and you got no where to run punch him. hit his little head and he will stumble back. Giving you time to either kill him or run.

The acid will slow you down if hit not stepped on. The effect of the retch acid will hurt you more if you get spit on than walking on so don’t be scared of it if you got the health.


Dude just hit your team mate when he’s stuck. Learn your bash or rebind it like dude.

Oh and if you’re the last one alive hocker will ruin your run. guaranteed to spawn no matter what.


The snitch doesn’t activate if you don’t hit it. It’s usually very forgiving for how close you can actually get just resist the urge to hit him unless he screams. Make sure you kill him if you do hit him because he will reset and scream again if you don’t kill him the first time causing 2 hordes instead of one.

The snitch can be instant killed without alerting a horde with a nade.

Armored Dead (Rioters)

I just call these guys rioters but sometimes even if you knock their head clean off they will still hit and attack you just make sure you kill them with a pistol or a weapon. Melee attacks don’t work well on them and can really injure your melee chad so make sure you are babysitting your little drug addict melee boy because they will die from trauma.


As far as I’m aware you can’t kill the ogre. You can not wait him out but you can injure him. not running by the ogre can ruin your run so make sure you do it balls to the wall don’t stop. If you do end up getting cornered make sure to share your ammo and just pop shot him until he’s a quarter health then he will kindly be upset and leave.

The Teammate

  • They are the worst.
  • Get a primary weapon.
  • Share your ammo.
  • Get healing team perks.
  • Get insurance policy so you can actually go down.
  • Try to not lower the bridge without a toolkit you just cause another horde.

Just don’t stall the game and wait in a certain section the AI director will keep spawning snitches till you proceed causing basically a infinite horde.

Edit: Please buy Grenades more often they help a lot with instant killing a lot of the special infected.

Nightmare Difficulty

You can beat it. It’s just the first 2 acts that will destroy you. The last 2 are easier. So just buckle up and learn.

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