Backstage Pass – Matthew Romance Guide

Do you want to do kisses on this tall, sweet model boy with the abs that could bodyslam God into the depths of Hell? Of course you do! Here’s a guide for how to do it!


What does this beautiful boy like?

Here’s the basics of what our tall boyfriend likes. You can use just this section if you want to go it alone and get surprised by the story without all the guesswork!

If you have any questions, problems, or things you want more info on, comment and let me know!

  • Preferred Stats: Charisma & Fashion
  • Outfits: Check the “Anyone Into Fashion?” message board and just do what that says!
  • Halloween: Vampire Hunter Outfit
  • Christmas: Get his the oil paint set from ???
  • Birthday: DSP from GameGo
  • Cafe Diem Food: Cranberry & White Chocolate Scone / Turkey & Pesto Sandwich
  • Movies: High Octane / Night Witches
  • Cupcakes: German Chocolate (chocolate batter, apple sauce frosting, coconut)

General Reminders

At Cafe Diem, don’t overuse one of the preferred foods over the other. Make sure to alternate between the two favourites.

Make sure to go on dates with Matthew at the weekend.

Study a little bit so you don’t get your dumb self thrown out of school.

If you go to work on Mondays you’ll get a gambling-game. It really doesn’t matter what you do about that!

Don’t accept any jobs that the guide doesn’t say to accept! Otherwise things will clash and ruin your whole steez.

Don’t read the black-blocked spoiler text if you don’t want story spoilers! It’s unnecessary for the walkthrough… I just have a lot of thoughts about the game and I need to get them out.

Full Rundown

There are other ways and days you can do the things I suggest in this guide. But this is the way that I got the Romance Ending for Matthew! So long as you don’t stray too far from this, you’re as golden as this princely boy!

I’m going to go by the actions you I did on the specified dates. For your weekly activities, focus on Blogging and Work in that order.

8/27 – Check email, accept MUA job from Lloyd.

8/28 – Say you’ll be fine.

9/5 – Ask who he’s hiding from. (Congratulations! It’s abs time! And then the start of the end when it comes to the worst brother-sister relationship since the Lannisters.)

9/7 – Stay for the lecture.

9/8 – Choose whatever one.

9/13 – Go to the mall. Go to The Divide. Get one of the Chinese inspired outfits. Put it on.

9/15 – Talk about the mall.

9/20 – Go to you email. Accept D. Vincent – Photoshoot

9/24 – Suggest that she’ll make it to Hawaii someday.

9/27 – Look at the “Anyone into fashion?” message board.Go Shopping to the mall alone. Tell Nicole the truth. Go to The Divide. Get one of the short skirts and literally top & shoes you want. Put this new outfit on.

10/25 – Go to your email. Accept the D. Vincent – Photoshoot

10/26 – Head to the Mall. Buy Vampire Hunter Uniform.

10/31 – Go to the Midnight Cosmetic Event. Wear your Vampire Hunter Uniform.

11/1 – Go to the mall. You finally have Matthews ding-dang number and can and should go on dates with him on the weekends! Go to Brains and Puzzles. Buy History of Makeup, Journal, Rivenwell Online Companion Book, Famous Cities of the World, Advanced Makeup Techniques, Workout Music, Throne of Ice, Double Agent, Moonlight Avenger, Planetost

11/8 – Go to your inventory and use all consumable items. Go Shopping. Go to ???. Buy Oil Paint set.

11/15 – Look at the “Anyone into fashion?” message board. Put on Chinese inspired outfit.

12/6 – Go to email. Accept D. Vincent – Winter Fashion job.

12/13 – Look at the “Anyone into fashion?” message board. Go to the mall. Try to comfort Nicole. Go to The Divide. Buy some knee-high boots, skinny jeans and literally any top you want.

12/18 – Work in the industry.

12/19 – Buy Adam a puzzle cube or something for Christmas if you want. He’s your best friend and you probably have one billion dollars. Don’t be one of those people who abandons their friends as soon as there’s an ab-fuelled god in your life.

12/20 – Put on the Winter Outfit you bought on 12/13

12/23 – Doesn’t matter what you pick.

12/24 – Bring Oil Paint Set to give to Matthew for Chrizz-mizz

12/25 – Give Adam a gift if you bought one.

1/4 – Compete for the extra credit.

2/14 – (Have a weird, confusing time where it seems like you’re in a supportive polyamorous relationship with Matthew and Nicole only to get your whole world ruined later) Order something milder for him. (save before this decision if you want to come back and collect the extra CG images for the spicy soup.)

3/4 – Ask Matthew to guide you.

3/14 – Look at the “Anyone into fashion?” message board. Go to the mall. Go to The Divide. Get a frilled shirt and literally any bottoms & shoes.

3/21 – Put on the outfit with the frilled shirt.

3/22 – Doesn’t matter which you choose.

3/23 – Agree to go with him. (Welcome to a spoiler-filled rant.) ( HEY NICOLE!? Remember when I didn’t know Matthew and saw him mobbed by girls in the mall and was like “oh, the manager wants you”?? DO THAT, NICOLE! Don’t pretend to date your brother, you strange little blonde weirdo Holy Christ! )

4/3 – If you’ve does this before, you can say you know the place. Otherwise get a tour.

4/4 – Bake cupcakes. Bake a bunch of German Chocolate Cupcakes (chocolate batter, apple frosting, coconut) Bring one to him on every date.

4/20 – Whatever you want.

5/2 – Look at the “Anyone into fashion?” message board. Go to the mall. Get the dress with a shawl. Change into your shawl dress.

5/16 – Go Shopping. Go to GameGo. Get the Webcam in the consumable section and DSP in the special section.

5/23 – Check mail. Go to your Blog tab. Set to video rather than text posts.

6/6 – Look at the “Anyone into fashion?” message board. Go to the mall. Get jewelled sandals and a tank top and whatever bottoms you want. Change into it when prompted.

6/25 – Give Matthew the DSP

You should be good from here! Enjoy this tall, adorable drink of water!

Created by aTeacupGamer

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