Baldur’s Gate 3 – A Grym Fate Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Unlock A Grym Fate Achievement / Trophy

Kill the adamantine golem without using the forge hammer.

Basically that, your task is just to hit him until he dies. but he is not the easiest boss, and your party is usually not as highlevel as you probably want, so he can be a handful.

Some advice for non-cheese strats:

  • One companion should be on the lava duty and turn it on every time it dries out, so the golem would always have the overheat condition – otherwise he is invincible!
  • The last successfully attacked character before golem’s turn will become his primary target, so plan accordingly
  • Golem has a wide range attack so make sure he can’t hit all your companions at one stomp

What i did was spread everybody across the arena, when he was trying to come for somebody far, lae’zel’s opportunity attacks made her the next primary target, so he was stuck with her, and she was stuck with him for the most time.

Make sure he has his overheat and, well, hit him until he dies, it is what it is

Video on that fight and unlocking the achievement on tactician:

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