Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Romance Shadowheart Guide

Shadowheart Romance Guide

Before you can get a chance with Shadowheart for a romance scene, you’ll need to make some progress in Baldur’s Gate 3. Also, it’s extremely important to try and make your decisions with her approval in mind. There are many times throughout the story and moments back at the campsite with Shadowheart that can influence her opinion of you. If you have a negative relationship with her, she won’t have any interest in you when it matters.

Romancing Shadowheart at the Refugee Celebration

The early access release of Baldur’s Gate 3 seems to have one romance scene with Shadowheart that only includes a kiss. You’ll need to have rescued the Druid Halsin and finished the side quest Save the Refugees. This leads to a celebration at your campsite upon ending the day with a long rest. Now that everyone’s celebrating, talk to Shadowheart and follow these choices below.

  • Tieflings?
  • Are you worried Shar won’t approve?
  • I’d be glad to. (if she asks to share a bottle)
  • I’ll find you after everyone’s turned in for the night.

Now that you have Shadowheart’s attention, use the bedroll near the campfire to speed up time. You’ll have a choice to go to bed alone or find Shadowheart. Clicking Shadowheart shares a moment with her at the cliffside.

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