Baldur’s Gate 3 – Pest Control Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Unlock Pest Control Achievement / Trophy

Kill the Spider Matriarch before her eggs hatch – why do they have so many legs?

The idea is simple: be sneaky and throw something bomb-like on each pile of eggs, so they would be damaged all at once. I like to use something with fire, so the burning will make sure that each egg dies.

I did this on tactician, and I am not sure if any other difficulties are the same, but on tactician there is this ever-present obstacle:

  • Even if you are NOT touching the webs, when you throw something to the egg pile, the web alarm will play no matter what.
  • After a few seconds the phase spider will teleport to the place where you triggered the alarm.

So I strongly recommend to drink an invisibility potion after each throw, that will guarantee that the spiders will not find you and start the battle before you destroyed every egg.

When you destroyed the eggs, fight the spiders. the achievement will unlock after the fight is done.

Video guide:

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