Baldur’s Gate 3 – Starting Guide

Welcome to my early access guide to Baldur’s Gate III. The point of this guide is to help you through your journey through Baldur’s Gate III. It will mainly consist of videos (I am trying to grow my channel) but will also have written components, pictures and other items.

Before You Start!

This section is devoted to providing important information you should know before you start your Baldur’s Gate III early access experience. It will consist of helpful interface and user information as well as important tips or tricks to enhance your experience!

Getting Starting – Key Interface Information

Left-Alt: will highlight lootable items and bodies around you. Very important to loot and sell everything (just send it to camp if you run out of space or are carrying too much weight)!

Right Mouse Click: you can right click to open a menu of options such as lockpick, attack (if you want to beat down a door), examine enemies, etc. Do not forget to right mouse click to open this menu to see your options!

O: clicking letter O will orient the screen above your selected character for a top down view. Click it again to unlock this view. I personally do not like the top down view but sometimes it’s helpful to orient, especially during battle.

Pull Unit Cards Apart: when setting up for battle, you’ll want to spread your characters out before engaging. To do this, click on a unit card in the bottom left and pull it to the right to de-link it from the group. Once de-linked, you can move this character around and the others will not follow!

Using Actions (crouch/hide, etc.): once you select a character you’ll have different options such as shove (very useful in battle as this uses a bonus action), crouch/hide, jump and more. Orient yourself to these options and make sure you use them both in and outside of combat. For example, you can hide and stealth move a character around to pickpocket or pounce on unsuspecting enemies once you enter combat.

Save Scum (F5 is your friend): before you start, make sure you save scum! Baldur’s Gate III is in early access and I cannot emphasize that there are bugs and hiccups so make sure you save often (F5 is default quicksave and you can have up to 15 quicksaves I believe)! Do NOT depend on autosave as it’s not consistent and triggers inconsistently so make sure you save. Also, sometimes quest lines bug out so you have to go back a few saves for it to work.

3 Important Quality of Life Tips once you start your journey, these tips will save you time!

General Tips and Tricks

7 Helpful Tips in less than 3 minutes! I’ve already outlined a few of these but this will be my general tips sections!

Secrets and Weird Stuff

This section is devoted to uncovering secrets and other weird stuff in the game!

Secrets of the Druid Chambers there are two “secrets” I’ve encountered in the druid chamber. The first is a hidden cave/room under the statue. To access this room, you need to obtain the missing rune and place it in the console. The rune can be found on the druid who was trying to save the Child in the main druid chamber. You can kill the druids or pickpocket him to obtain the rune. The second is a doorway that leads to an underground passage. To reveal and open the door you need to wear Nettie’s circlet which you can obtain by either killing her or pickpocketing! Check out this short video outlining how it’s done!

Freeing Sazza Sazza is a captured goblin that is locked in a cage guarded by two Trieflings. You can kill the Trieflings or you can try to convince them to leave. Afterwards, you need to free Sazza. I was not able to find a key so I ended up attacking and breaking the cage. To then free her, jump to the back ledge and use the hidden door to the passage! Check out the video to see how it’s done!

How to open the Gilded Chest in the Owlbear Nest! this one is interesting and actually fairly easy!

Talking to the Dog Curious what happens when you talk to the dog? Interested in learning what happen to it’s owner? What does Scratch have to say!?! Check it out:

How to access the Whispering Depths! the best way I found to get to the Whispering Depths is to use the well in the Blighted Village. This short video outlines exactly how to do it!

Chest in Blighted Village! there is a ladder to access it if you don’t trigger the trap!

How to get Sussar for Masterwork Weapon Quest!

Characters, Classes and More!

Familiars are creatures that wizards and warlocks can summon. These are different than animal companions a ranger can summon but work similarly. The short video outlines the various familiars that can be summoned and their abilities. I briefly touch on utility of a few of the familiars for reference.

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