BallisticNG – How to Get the Neon Nights and Outer Reaches Liveries the Easy Way

I mean yeah it’s cheating, but you’re really only cheating yourself. Works though.

How to Get the Neon Nights and Outer Reaches Liveries the Easy Way

Note: Credit goes to Xangi

So you’re bad at the game according to people who spend too much time on the game

Yeah I know that feel bro. Maybe you played Wipeout before too. Maybe you beat pretty much everything in those games and being told that you’re bad by a person who sits on Discord for 16 hours a day and does nothing but play video games because they’re a trust fund baby with no responsibilities gets you upset.

Maybe you just want to get that sweet Omnicom american flag skin. Maybe you think you should be able to access content you paid for without a barrier and without having to enter a code every time. Sure, you’ve probably considered cheating to get the unlocks, but how do you even do that in this game? It’s not like cheating your speed would help, it’s more likely to hurt you than anything else. Nerf the AI? How? Such a pain…

Getting a hex editor

You can probably do this in notepad but I wouldn’t recommend trying it. Get a hex editor because what we’re going to be doing next is altering the bytes in some files. I assure you, this is incredibly simple and a child could do it with the proper tools. I recommend HxD because it was the first one I found when digging through my “Tools” folder. You can get that here.

Finding your save files

But where oh where are the saves? Well, if you right click on BallisticNG in your library and Browse to local files, then go to User/Save/Campaign, you should see something like this:

Here are your saves for each campaign that you bothered to do. I’m about 90% sure that you won’t have the .sav files for NN and OR without having done at least one event in each of them, so make sure you complete one of the super easy trials at the beginning.

Hacking the Matrix

Open HxD and you’ll get something like this to greet you:

What you want to do now is drag in your Neon Nights.sav and Outer Reaches.sav files into HxD to open them up. Then you’ll get something like this:

Yours will look different, with a lot more 00s and a lot less 03s, probably no 04s at all. Doesn’t matter. What you’re going to do is skip the first 4 bytes (those are the pairs of numbers btw) and then type “03 00”. That will add a gold medal for the first event. If your bytes at the 04 and 05 indices are already “03 00”, good for you! Now copy those bytes with Ctrl+C, then use Ctrl+B to insert paste (VERY IMPORTANT TO USE INSERT) them into the next two byte positions. That will give you a gold medal for the second event.

Do this until you have “03 00” for every pair of bytes after the first 4 bytes, which should not be touched. Save the file, then repeat the process with whichever save you haven’t modified yet. Assuming you did this correctly, both of your .sav files should now be entirely filled with “03 00”, except for the third and forth bytes, which are “00 00” since you didn’t touch them. Below is an example of the Outer Reaches save set to have all golds in everything:

Don’t worry too badly about screwing up because a backup file will be made by HxD when you save. If you do this and BNG fails to load or breaks, just delete the old .sav file and rename the .sav.bak file to .sav

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