Bard Idle – How to Beat Unthinkable Forest Toad

Beating Unthinkable Forest Toad

In my case I defeat with a squad with 5 clerics, 2 knights, 2 archers and 3 legion.

I have the ballad powers of: +75% chance while eating to avoid die, and 50% per meal used can revive a character.

The toad focus mainly in one of my knights all time, I use always at least 1 soup to get the avoid dead power and if this character die use other soup to revive it.

As I have near 40 soups was enough to kill him with the priests (as I have the perk “priests act 3 times instead 1”. Priests are really powerful with his range attack.)

Created by Rodren

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  1. Easy, check go for the second quest 10x dmg and 0.01 HP (doesnt matter if they cant hit you) go for achers or thiefs. Check soup upgrade Pea´s – reduces attack speed of enemies while eating + take 75% less chance to die while eating = dead frog ^^

    and if you can add chocolate u got inifinite buffs while eating, since you can just camp and stack up your soup supply

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