Battlefield 2042 – How to Fix Stuttering

Getting Rid of Stuttering

I’ve had the problem that the game was stuttering to a point it was basically unplayable despite having a pretty good PC.

If you find yourself having similar issues, heres some things that might help:

Enter your Bios and disable one ccp of your processor, for some odd Reason this is an issue that apparently all newer high-end AMD Processors have with this game and i hope they fix it in beta, i am not sure if or how many Intel cpus are affected by this.

Other troubleshooting steps are closing down/disabling all game overlays such as Xbox Game Bar or GeForce experience, open Battlefield 2042 Open beta folder -> cache -> delete all files in there.

And lastly, enabling Control Flow Guard:

Open ‘Virus & threat protection’, go to ‘Apps & browser control’, click on ‘Exploit Protection Settings’, toggle ‘Program Settings’, click the plus icon ‘Add program to customize’, choose ‘Add by program name’, paste ‘BF2042.exe’, scroll on the new window to find Control flow guard (CFG) and check Override system settings, click Apply, Yes, and put the slider on off.

To turn off a ccd (or more specifically, only use 1 ccd) you have to go through your bios, i suggest watching a tutorial its somewhere hidden in the cpu advanced settings most of the time.

I hope this guide was Helpful and yall can finally enjoy this Weekend!

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