Battlefield V – Survival Guide for Beginners

BFV: A Survival Guide for Beginners

What is Battlefield?

Battlefield is a franchise that has existed since 2002. The newest released title is BFV, which has taken a step in another, more hardcore, direction than its former title, BF1. Battlefield in general is a medium-paced FPS game which has a big focus on strategy and gamemode mechanics. The game is pretty open and is arguably a sandbox which offers both infantry, ground vehicle and air combat.

Where to start out?

It’s highly advised to play at least one of the singleplayer campaigns to get a good feel of the game. After that, you’re ready to head into combat. But before doing so, there are a couple of things you should know. First off, classes.

The Classes

You can choose between four different classes in BFV. They all have specific roles, weapons and loadouts. The four roles are: Assault, medic, support and recon.

Assault: Has acces to many different types of weapons and gadgets. Generally they are the best at taking down veichles since they have both a rocket launcher and sticky dynamite at their disposal.

Medic: Can heal other players, and they can revive players who’ve just died. They have acces to mostly sub machine guns which make them ideal for close range engages. They also have a lot of smoke grenades which can truly reshape the outcome, and how a fight plays out.

Support: Uses heavy weapons. These weapons are very strong, but not as mobile. Many of them also use bipods which make you more stationary, but also grants you significantly better weapon accuracy. They can also resupply themselves and teammates with ammo. Supports can build fortifications faster than other classes, and have acces to stationary weapons to build aswell.

Recon: Uses bolt action snipers and SLR’s (self loading rifles). Recons can “spot” enemies, making them noticable for teammates, and they can create spawnbeacons which basically serves as a custom spawnpoint for your squadmates.

Choose a class based on what you find most appealing by this description I gave. You’re not limited to any classes at all, but it’s a good idea to play one and get comfortable with that one before trying another class. Be advised, recons are hard to play well, and are generally not very impactful unless in the right hands. Therefore it might not be the best starter class.


Battlefield V currently have 6 gamemodes. We’ll show a brief description of them all. Alternatively, you can also click on “play” on either of the gamemodes, and you’ll see a tutorial in-game.

Conquest: (Best for beginners)

This is almost Battlefield’s trademark gamemode. There are several flags on the map you play. Your job is to capture these flags from the enemies, or to defend them from them.

Grand Operations: (Beginner friendly)

A mix of different gamemodes. Grand Operations take place over several rounds, they’re long, and the gamemode aims to give a grand battle experience.

Team Deathmatch: (Slightly beginner friendly)

Two opossing teams must kill the enemy team. K/D is everything, the team who dies more lose. This is a good place to start if you just want to get a feel for the guns and your class, and its utilites. It doesn’t offer much strategy, however, and TDM vastly differs from all the other gamemodes, so don’t let it influence you too much when learning to play, and this is also the reason why conquest is the advised beginner gamemode.

Breakthrough: (Slightly beginner friendly)

One team must break through enemy defenses and capture two objectives. Once they’ve captured the two, they progress unto two more objectives until they reach the final ones.

Frontlines Small: (Not beginner friendly)

This gamemode can be very fun, but it’s slightly complicated and can probably for beginners feel punishing and unrewarding. There are say 5 linear objectives. Like breakthrough, you must push, but there are only one objective at a time. Once you’ve reached the end, you progress to a final stage where you must place bombs on three objectives.Domination: (Not beginner friendly)

In this mode there are only three smaller flags, which are captured in a faster speed than in conquest. You must hold these flags. Only flags impact tickets in this gamemode, dying doesn’t, unlike conquest. Domination requires a good gameknowledge since it’s small scaled and in a fast, yet tactical, pace.

Gameplay Mechanics


When entering a match you’ll get assigned to a squad (you can always manually join one if you aren’t). A squad consits of four players indicated by green UI colours on the map and minimap. You’ll be able to spawn on your squadmates once you’ve died, and you should generally try to play with your squad. One of the four members will be assigned as squad leader. A squad leader can call in reinforcements, which is done by holding in C, and they have the option to command the squad to attack or defend a specific objective.

Additional spawn:

You can also spawn on your controlled flags, and you can spawn in your “spawn” in the map. A place where you can spawn regardless of what objectives you’ve got in control.


To sprint you hold shift. You can also click “X” and crouch while holding shift. This will make you sprint in a crouched position. Double clicking the crouch button whilst sprinting will make you do a “slide” movement.


Ammo and health isn’t an unlimited source in this game. In fact, you have a low amount of ammo when spawning. You should be resourceful with your ammo. Additional ammo can also be picked up from Ammo Piles, do this instantly when respawning if it’s close! You can also get your ammo from supports who either throw it to you, or put down “ammo crates” where you have to manually pick it up. The last option is from running over dead enemy bodies. They all drop a small ammo pouch when dying. Unless you’re medic, you only have one medic pouch on you as a maximum. Using it will get you back to full health. Although, autogeneration of your health does exist in the game but it usually isn’t very much. The light red health bar indicates the amount of health you have, the dark red part on the health bar indicates the amount of health you can retrieve from the passive auto health gen. Health packs can also be picked up from Health puch stations, like ammo stations. It can also be retrieved from medics similar to supports. You’re either handed a pouch, or you have to take it from the small medic crates that medics can put down.


You can build fortifications around objectives. Click “T” to toggle your hammer tool. You’ll then see semi-transparent fortifications which are availeble. You can build things such as barb-wire, sandbags or dig trenches. You can also build the ammo or medic stations as we talked about previously.

Death/bleedout system:

When you “die” in BFV you go into a bleedout phase. Here you have the option to either left or right click. These two options will either make you bleed out faster, or bleed out slower. The purpose of bleeding out slower is to give medics more time to get you revived if they’re near. The overall spawn time won’t be decreased if you bleed out faster, it’ll just take you back to the spawn menu faster.

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