Battlestations: Midway – How to Unlock All Levels Instantly

Every level unlocked without having to do each level progressively.

Unlock All Levels Instantly


You want to play a specific level but don’t want to go through each level to get to that specific mission?

Not a problem, just do this one action within the game to have all levels unlocked instantly.

How to Unlock?

Create a new profile, and type in “Henry Walker” as the name.

Xbox 360 port method

If you’re wondering how to do this on the Xbox 360 port; on the mission select screen:

  • Hold RB, LB, RT, LT, and push X

Remember this only applies on the current session and you have to re-enter the combination to unlock all missions again.


There you go: you have all levels unlocked and can play any without the need to progress through each level.

Enjoy and have with whichever mission you wish to play.

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