– Real Guide for FPS

How to Boost FPS

Hi, You have clicked on this because you need a FPS boost so what you need to do for your Mom’s PC.

  1. Change Your Resolution down to 1920 X 1980 or less and turn down things like the graphics to the lowest.
  2. Get A FPS mod that’s removes useless items like trees or rocks.
  3. clean your PC or someone else’s for a fps boost and remove bloatware and PUPS with defragment your hard drive.
  4. Close Apps When Launching.
  5. Upgrade your hardware like a SSD Upgrade and RAM [Overclock your RAM].
  6. Remove mods that break stuff and make errors and use performance mode [Settings of Graphics Cards].
  7. Try and go to 30 – 60hz to get a cleaner refresh rate and tons more fps.
  8. Provide more airflow and clean dust in your house to get a cleaner PC.
  9. Update your graphics card drivers and perform a BIOS update.

There you go!

Created by MKDogeXD

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