Bean Battles – Tips for New Players

How do I use ***?

I get this question a lot from new players while playing Bean Battles, and to answer this question, its simple, press Q, but there are exceptions, like the katana, you can press Q to do 25 damage to a player, or you can hold Q to launch yourself forward and insta-kill someone but only when he/she is in front of the katana at the end.

Also you just press spacebar with the rocket boots to fly and you press Q to toggle them on and off. 

With everything else you just press Q, but with air strike you get a map and you get to choose where to place the bomb. Every picture in this section shows what is a item you press Q with. (The Glock is there so you can see where its shown at sort of, and also the shank is like a knife and it does 50 damage and doesn’t disappear on use.)

Green Dot on Map

The green dot on the map. What does it mean? Well it shows where the grid is going to end up and not move anymore (fun fact: the grid insta-kills).

Blood Trails

So, blood trails, you might not think much of them but they can give your position away very easily.

How? Well its in the name: Blood trails. They trail you to the person since they can see your blood and they can just follow it to you if you are trying to hide, so when somebody somehow comes to you even though you were hiding so good it means they followed your blood trail.

Moving and Stuff

Tip 1: If you run, you can be heard running but if you run and jump at the same time (doesn’t slow you down/speed you up) you can’t be heard, also walking doesn’t make sounds.

Tip 2: (Not crucial but useful) Try to get into the green dot where the grid ends so that people need to come to you and you don’t need to go to them, because oh boy you will die a lot because you either die from an AS VAL because you are out of cover or you die from the grid.

Tip 3: If u are in a situation where u are running in an open field, or trying to get behind cover to cover while getting shot at, dash at your destination with a katana, it is much harder to hit someone dashing away at the speed of sound than hitting someone going as slow as a snail.

Tip 4: While cars may be fun to drive with with friends, if u are playing seriously never use them, they give away your location by 1. Sounds 2. You are much larger with a car 3. You can be seen from the map.


Guns, there are many of them and they might be weird to get, so this section is made to get you understanding.


The AK-47: It’s a automatic gun with insane recoil, as you’d expect. (good)

The M16: It’s a burst rifle that is quite useful from close range but also okay at further ranges. (meh)


AS VAL: It’s a fast shooting gun that has close to no recoil and is useful at all ranges. (super good)

UZI: Close range weapon with the DPS of a god-forbid air strike, but only useful at close range since it’s damage is 5 per bullet. (good)

TM-100: It’s basically the tommygun, slower rate of fire than the UZI but higher damage (10 damage per bullet) but with a much much much higher recoil, personally I dislike the gun very much but others like it sometimes. (meh)


B50: It’s the main sniper rifle of the game, even though not in the bbcl. Does a whopping 70 damage with a pretty good RoF for a sniper, It’s like the AWP in CS:GO when u shoot someone in the leg of bean battles I really like it. (super good)

R70: Honestly I would put it in rifles and almost did but it’s still a sniper so yeah. This bad boy takes 1/3 of your life and shoots pretty fast. (good)

Laser bean: Insta-kills but makes u hold down your mouse button and wait for it to shoot and makes a noise while u hold down and a laser appears so really, not that worth it since its so easily avoidable. (meh)


Glock: If u have ever played CS:GO and used the glock this is it. Shoots as fast as u can tap (not really so if u use an autoclicker it would still not shoot faster than the ak). Mediocre damage tho so ill give it that. (bad(alot of people would disagree with this one but for me its bad))

Rocket launcher: Point and shoot and wait for the explosion damage to kill someone. Doesn’t take much skill with this one but who really cares tbh. Damage ranges from 20 – 100, depending on how close you are to the explosion. (super good, but sort of nooby but don’t let that stop u from using it).

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