BEAST KING – Launch Configuration and Resolution Fix

If your game isn’t launching follow these steps to get it working as well as setting the resolution.

Guide to Fix Launch Configuration and Resolution Issues

Launch Configuration

Step 1

  • Right click on Beast King in the Steam client.

Step 2

  • Hover over “Manage” in the pop up menu and click “Browse local files”.

Step 3

  • In the file explorer right click BEAST_KING.exe and then click “properties” in the pop up menu.

Step 4

  • In the Properties window select the “Compatability” tab. Under Compatability mode check the box that says “Run this program in compatability mode for:”
  • In the drop down menu select “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)”.
  • Click “Apply”, then click “OK”.


Your game should run just fine now when launched from the steam client.

Resolution Fix

Unfortunately this game does not have any graphics configuration options in the settings and If you are using a modern monitor, it is likeley that your game looks something like this:

The simple solution is to change your monitor’s resolution when you want to play the game.

Step 1

  • Right click on any open space anywhere on your desktop.

Step 2

  • In the pop up menu click “Display settings”.

Step 3

  • Note: If you are using multiple monitors click on the display your game opens in.
  • Scroll down to “Display resolution” and choose 1280×720, then click “Keep changes”.
  • When your done playing follow the steps again to change your resolution back to what you were using before.


Your game should now display properly. Like this:

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