Beasts Shall Rise – The Jesus Radar

An overview of The Jesus Radar. It’s current functionality and planned future upgrades.

Jesus Radar Current Funtionality

  • In your left hand at all times you have access to your ‘Jesus Radar’ crucifix. The primary function of the Jesus Radar is to detect the presence of the undead.
  • If Jesus is static you are safe. At least from zombies anyway.
  • If Jesus is active and looking in a certain direction he is warning you that the nearest zombie is coming at you from the direction he is looking towards. So if he’s looking towards your chest there’s one behind you!
  • When Jesus glows red that means the nearest zombie is now within 10m and is an imminent threat.
  • When Jesus is on fire that means the Grim Reaper is now within 5m distance and that bullet time is active. This is a useful cue when he approaches from behind you.

Jesus Radar Future Functionality

Planned upgrades to the Jesus Radar include:

  • The ability to shock scare a zombie by turning the crucifix to face the zombie.
    • Advantage – Slows down incoming attacker
    • Disadvantage – Temporary loss of radar forewarning of attackers coming from behind
  • Demonic possession. Jesus can become possessed by demons.
  • Switchable modes. Key finder?

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