Beyond Contact – Raids Guide

A guide to surviving Raids.

What are Raids?

While on Ketern, after building your base you will be getting warnings that raids are going to happen and your base will be attacked. These raids can be done by either the corrupted forces of the Blackshell or by Urchins.

These raids will grow in size as the days go on and your base gets bigger, so it’s important to make sure to upgrade your base’s defenses to be able to withstand these attacks. To do this we will be using Turrets, Transporters and Walls.

Guardian Turrets

The guardian turret will be your main way of dealing damage to the raiders who’re attacking your base. They will shoot and defend your base even while you’re not at home. It’s recommended to have at least 2 of these built for the first raid if you are present, or 5 built if you are not present at the raid, though gathering the power required to run 5 turrets is very difficult for the first raid and is therefore not recommended. To craft Guardian Turrets you need to first research Basic Defense.

  • Power Required: 4
  • Space Occupied: 2×2

Material required to craft Guardian Turrets:

  • 1x Circuit Board
  • 4x Refined Feron
  • 3x Ember Crystal


As you start to explore Ketern and are gathering materials far away from your base it can be difficult to make it back for a raid and prepare to defend your base from raiders. To combat this it can be advantageous to craft a Transporter and keep it running in your base. That way you can use the Teleport Network around Ketern to quickly travel around and be where you need to be.

  • Power Required: 3
  • Space Occupied: 5×5

Transporters are crafted structures which add a teleportation location to your Teleport Network. You can teleport between Obelisks and Transporters freely, as long as the Obelisk is active and the Transporter is powered.

To research Transporters, you will first need Basic Power Generation, and then research Data Mining. That should unlock the ability to research Transporters.

Materials required to craft a Transporters:

  • 2x Circuit Board
  • 3x Refined Feron
  • 1x Phase Core

Walls and Defensive Structures

Basic Fortifications

The first types of fortifications for your base you’ll be building are the basic fortifications. It’s recommended to surround your base completely in these as fast as possible as they keep the raiders from reaching your structures and gives your turrets time to kill them.

Materials required to craft Basic Fortifications:

  • 2x Sparkstone
  • 2x Feron
  • 1x Tamber Rope

Advanced Fortifications

As your base increases in size, it can become necessary to upgrade your fortifications to be able to withstand the raids. The first upgrade we’re able to get will be Advanced Fortifications. These require materials where you will need a Powered Pickaxe to gather. It is important to note that Guardian Turrets cannot shoot through Advanced Fortifications, so these will have to be build outside of the wall.

Materials required to craft Advanced Fortifications:

  • 2x Metal Sheeting
  • 1x Urchin Carapace

Crystal Fortifications

And then to the final upgrade to the fortifications of your base. Crystal fortifications require power running through them to work, but while they’re up they provide the strongest form of fortifications. They do not require you to build doors as you can walk through the walls of them, though because they require power to stay up it is not recommended to rely solely on them and instead use multiple forms of Fortifications for your base.

To craft Crystal Fortifications you will need a matter printer, which requires you to upgrade your scanner to level 3 to research.

Materials required to craft Crystal Fortifications:

  • 3x Phase Crystal
  • 1x Refined Keternium
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