Big Ambitions – Driver Guide with Tips

Guide to Driver and Logistic


Driver’s will deliver to your shops from their designated warehouse every night, as long as you don’t get an alert saying something has gone wrong then you should be good.

You can adjust the quantities of goods by going to Bizman, finding the business on the right hand side & clicking ‘Manage Delivery Plan’ (if one is already in place).

To set up a new delivery, navigate to your Logistics Manager through Bizman & ‘Add Destination’ once you’ve selected the appropriate warehouse – from there you can adjust the quantity of goods to be delivered to each location.


The driver is needed to drive the vehicle in the warehouse. These are use to carry out the Logistics Manager’s delivery schedule from your warehouse to your stores.

They only deliver once per day at midnight, and you can’t make them deliver more often than that. If you’re running out of stuff, you need to just increase your quantities.

Useful Tips

  • Make sure your purchasers are trained to 100%, as this greatly affects the prices you pay for goods…. thus how much profit you make.
  • Your Logistics managers training affects how many locations your warehouse can deliver to.
  • Your drivers training affects whether he can drive a truck, or a van (so I’ve heard). >50% = he can drive a truck. A truck doubles the number of stores you the warehouse can deliver to.

In the purchasing section:

  • Deliver one time. is just that. You get what you have selected in the “# to buy” quantities, regardless what you have in the warehouse
  • Repeat ever X days. The “# target” is setting the quantity to maintain in the warehouse. Keeps your warehouse replenished.
  • So when you set that, and your delivery plan’s “minimum stock amount”, your store is kept stocked automatically and you have nothing left to do for it.
  • Just make sure you have plenty of storage at both warehouse and the store.
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