Big Ambitions – Starter Tips to Making Money

How to Make More Money

First consider the districts. I have no businesses in Garment that make 100k+. Murray&Hells Kitchen are better and Midtown is the big money maker district.

Second, consider shop size. Buildings have a maximum number of customers they can serve at once (15-75 for retail and 4-50 for offices). So a bigger building=more customers=more profit.

Third, pay attention to the traffic stat. Buildings with very low traffic will get fewer customers, even marketing (which is expensive) will not outdo this fact.

Fourth, not all business types are as easy to make a lot of profit on. Gift shops, fast food, florist, jewelery – seem to be rather low profit shops comparatively. Lawyers make more than Webdevs and clothing stores make even more.

Fifth, increasing prices from the default ones. You can get away with charging MUCH more than the default price if your employee rating is maxed. As an example, I charge 1400 per hour on my lawyer office, with perfect satisfaction and maxed customer amount. If I left it on the default value of 225, I would need more than 6 offices to come close to the profit of the ONE office with adjusted prices! On average you can raise prices by 33% (Garment), 36% (Murray), 70% (Hell), 174% (Midtown).

I have multiple shops that earn above 100k per day. My highest is clothing in midtown at around half a million followed by a bunch of lawyer offices that make 300k/day.

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