BIGFOOT – How to Find Aliens (Easter Egg)

Today I will teach you how to meet with the aliens! I have managed to do so after hours of investigations, but for you, I hope it will be far more easier!

Meeting With The Aliens In Bigfoot ! (They Are Here)

Getting The Drone Or The Electrical Battery

First of all, when you start a new game, you have to pick up the drone and his battery which are both inside the caravan. Don’t forget also to pick up the tablet which is outside, on the table, it is very important because you will need it to control the drone! When it’s done, you need to go to the radio tower (look on the map if you don’t know yet where it is located).

The Radio Tower…

Then, when you reached the radio tower, simply put the drone on the floor, take control over it with the tablet, fly a little bit and get in front of the electric box of the tower radio. Then press your left mouse button to send an electric shock and activate the tower. Notice this will however destroy your drone, you will not able to use it again…

P.S. There is a second option for that part, it’s using the electrical battery you can found randomly on the map. I figured out quickly that the electrical box on the radio tower was the key for activate it, so i tried everything, fuel, tnt, but i finally got a reaction with electricity.

Go To The Archway In South

When the tower is activated , go to the archway in the south (look at the map) and wait here for the night (Yes i forgot to say that the tower must be activated during the day! Then the aliens will come for the next night). I knew i had to go there because in wuksachi lodge, if you look well, there is a papper where you can see it.

They Are Here!

Finally, after a long night of waiting, and some Bigfoot attacks, as you can see, they finally arrived!

I hope you enjoyed that guide and you will find it useful.

Thanks for reading.

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