Black Desert Online – How to Farm Money

Here´s my suggestions to making money with mid-low AP… I got 170 ap awakened on my witch and some things are pushing it. It´s possible though.


Note-worthy are the dailies in Valencia and Drieghan that give Caphras Stones and gold bar rewards. Kamasylvia quests with peridot leaf reward are very recommended too, one of those courser items goes for almost 2m and it´s only 7 peridot leaves per piece. I always do all the dailies I can find and sell them on marketplace.


Not everyone likes to have their char actively lifeskill. No problem, your workers will do it for you. Just rent a rank 3+ workshop in any city and put the mats required into your worker´s city storage (press F2 ingame for info on how to craft an item). To figure out what to create, check out the marketplace to see what sells well. This may change with trends or events (for example fishing event).

Recommendations: various fishing rods, life skill clothes, weapon reform stone (sells slow but they sell). Just let the workers craft while you grind or whatever.

Must haves: worker nodes for your main creation, maybe value pack for the +30% silver boost from marketplace sells, a good spot to farm magic crystals, then grind them into the most important craft material.

Work Empire

At least for the things you want to create in your workshops. It will save you silver. If you decide to profit off it in raw materials I recommend tree nodes, for example fir plywood sells.


Pretty much look for spots with frequent drops (not much RNG dependent!) and maybe elite mobs. Currently that would be Sausans, Gahaz and Cadry. Maybe Bashim.

Pets required, put them into agile mode.


If you manage to make the jump from +15 gear to DUO with only a few upgrade stones the silver gain is huge. Make use of the new devour system by sacrificing +8 and higher gear to increase success rate.

World Bosses

With a new loot box that can give yellow accessories PRI+ the world bosses got even more worthy to be defeated. You will have to sacrifice a bit of your hard earned silver to decently gear another character. Place him at the boss of your choice, I recommend Karanda. When Karanda spawns, relog. There are fixed spawn times.

Do your solo field boss rifts for possibly DUO accessories.

Ancient Scrolls

Farm them in Hexe Sanctuary, Mediah or Valencia, then combine 5 of the same type. They give memory frags – use those to upgrade stuff or sell them, 2m+ per piece.

Horse Breeding

This is something that can be done next to playing the game. While playing you will obtain some better horses via events (got 3x T5 with sprint and 1xT7 so far). Or you may buy cheap T5+ horses from the horse market. Use them to travel around until they are around lv 20+, breed them or exchange them if their breeding count is used up. I got quite a few t7 horses that way, trained them up and hoping for t8 now.

With high horse level and good skills like sprint, instant accel they can net you quite a few mil on the market.

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