Blacksmith Weapon Merchant – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will help you get all the achievements in the game. Use (Ctrl+F) to look for a specific achievement.

How to Get All Achievements


  • Go to the settings and cycle through all the languages in the game.
  • After clicking about 25 times you should get the achievement.

Baby Steps | Getting Started | Like a Pro

  • These achievements should be achieved within 1 game.
  • The first is for making 100 weapons, then a 1000 and the final one is 5000 weapons.
  • Start of by purchasing 1 upgrade in efficiency.
  • After that your should get an upgrade in soil before anything else.
  • After getting your first upgrade in soil, you can either go for another upgrade in efficiency, or getting an extra worker.
  • After having 2 effiency and/or an extra worker go for another upgrade in soil.
  • After having 2 upgrades in soil go for an upgrade in growth speed and effiency.
  • Now it’s all about balancing growth, speed and efficiency until you can get soil 4.
  • After getting soil 4, you should focus on upgrading faster growth and faster speed until they’re maxed. (Growth is 12 upgrades and speed is 15).
  • After maxing out growth and speed you can keep going for efficiency and soil, because soil gives you more resources.

Authentic Blacksmith

  • For this one you need to make a total of 10,000 weapons.

Unlike Baby Steps/Getting started/Like a Pro, you can safely exit the game and continue later on.

Number 1

  • To get this one, you have to climb to the top of the leaderboards.

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