Blair Witch – Chapter 14 Walkthrough

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 begins when Ellis picks up the injured Bullet.

Once you have Bullet in your arms start walking deeper into the ravine. This ravine is actually endless, and will just repeat itself until you make a decision to leave Bullet behind or carry him until you pass out. If you are ready to move on, you can hold the Call Bullet button down until the action completes (the game will guilt you). If you don’t want to, just keep walking deeper and deeper into the ravine until a cutscene triggers where Ellis loses consciousness.

Whatever your decision, you will end up back in the ravine without Bullet once you regain control. Move ahead to find out the ravine is no longer endless. You will pass through a strange gate and into a maze-like area marked by a red tree. Start exploring this area, going down each and every path until you eventually enter a tight cave like area.

When you find this correct exit path you should get a call from Sheriff Lanning. Keep moving deeper into the ravine as the conversation goes on, which will eventually trigger a cutscene that begins Chapter 15.

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